OM-015 – All the Things that Lead to Heresy

Subject: OM-015 – All the Things that Lead to Heresy

Threat Level: Extremis


OM-015 is believed to be a series of illicit, heretical media productions proliferating throughout the Imperium: debased holo-vids, deprived vox recordings, and salacious pamphlets. These instances of heretical media rely on the viewer in order to propagate, preying on one’s desire for social gratification by way of sharing cultural phenomena. OM-015 is best described by the Inquisitor who first wrote of it, via the following transcript.


I have long suffered under the same delusion of grandeur in my faith that I fear you will soon find yourself have fallen to it too… I address my brothers and sisters in both respect to our Ordo and our humanity!

I have spent a lifetime looking for the workings of foul playing *REDACTED* in their most obvious form; physical manifestation, possession, heretical cults and most of all the abuse of power. Why would this not be our most obvious start to any search, look for the largest body of evidence and delineate from there. However, I have come to realize that the subtle workings of the *REDACTED* of immaterial space in the everyday nature of humanity and how influential we are to stop it.

After spending countless of thousands of hours intercepting and analyzing social vox transmissions from worlds within Holy Terra’s light, I began to realize patterns in citizens behavior.  How these citizens who could be easily mistaken for loyal… actually conformed to any of the four known *REDACTED* of the Warp on a daily basis and how many show characteristics of multiple on any given solar day. Average citizens would respond in rage and blind fury towards another citizen for very little cause or insult. These actions would generate a reactionary response in anger from at least one other imperial citizen, even if the original slight had not been immediately directed towards them. I found this ritual of inciting anger, tribalism and a voluntary response in kind to be very reminiscent to *REDACTED* the *REDACTED* of Rage, *REDACTED* the one who sits upon his skull throne. However what I found to be more disturbing, was the willingness of citizens to send and receive illicit holos that barely passed the vox community standards. These holos then became the fixation of others, only to have them race to react or comment on them. This incessant self-indulgence to gratify ones own ego, self-desires, and insecurities reeks of  *REDACTED* the *REDACTED* of excess and pleasure. Another large a portion of the souls that fall under the mercy of the God Emperor are now fixated on a single disease that has just started to vex humanity, these poor souls are already lost to their own fear and hopes for immortality. They now pray to the the fabricator of the pox *REDACTED* for a cure, and from that there may be no turning back. If the state of humanity is not already so lost, as to be apparent, we need only look to the final of the Four Powers, *REDACTED* the lord of change. There are some, people of which we should hope to be the most faithful of the Holy Emperor’s servants, the leaders of worlds and those that influence power that use all of the aforementioned afflictions of today’s Imperium in order to instigate change and turn humanity against itself. Humanity at a whole is damned, we are beyond saving in the what we had as not just an Ordo, but an entire institution had hoped… we are failing humanity, and in failing humanity we are failing the Emperor himself.

There is no one solution, there is no one problem that rots humanity from within… and thus, there will be no way to save humanity without humanity saving itself.

My goal here today in front of so many timeless and distinguished peers, is to propose hope. To propose an end to the needless strife that has taken a hold on humanity for so much time forgotten, and allowed corruption from foreign *REDACTED* to replace the light of humanity and the Golden Throne. The hope that we can spread the truth to the citizens of mankind, to spread the truth to humanity about the corruption of the warp. the corruption of power, the corruption of the Ecclesiarchy, the damnation that awaits them from the four *REDACTED* and how they prey upon the worst of humanity.

I look only to the Emperor in my hopes for your validation and respect, in what I believe to be the most noble of pursuits in the future of his Emperor’s name.

– The last known words of Lord Inquisitor, Joaquin Ver Lock IV

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