OM-014 – The Sword of Changes

Subject: OM-014 – The Sword of Changes

Threat Level: Extremis


“The Sword of Changes” is the name given to a notable Daemonforged blade seen in the hands of several Heretic Champions.

The blade only seems to appear in the hands of a heretic of significant magnitude, most often being accompanied by some manner of Greater Daemon.

The sword most commonly takes the form of either a Power or Force Sword, dependent on the wielder at the time.

The weapon is known for its apparent connection to all four of the Ruinous Powers, having an observable miasma which “switches” between the characteristics of said Ruinous Powers.

The weapon was last sighted during the purging of a Daemonic Incursion by a squadron of Grey Knights.

Upon the death of the Heretic Sorcerer wielding it at the time, the blade burst into blue flame and crumbled to ash.

Despite all that is known of the weapon, the name of the Daemon which forged it has been for some reason struck from the archives of Titan.

More concerningly, there is no record of such an order being given by any member of the Chapter’s Leadership, Purifiers, or Scribes.

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