Subject: OM-013 – QUITEWOODS

Threat Level: Minoris


Pre-investigation Description: the “quite woods” of Ganzia II were identified by inquisitor Serpentine they are a  forests 6 square killomiters in area which locals report as haunted

Post-mission Description: the “quite woods” of Ganzia II are home to no less than seven, likely nine deamons of tzench of an unknown variety and fluxuating apperance local avian wildlife caw and chirp in a manner smiler to human whispers but it uncertain if this is due to the presence of the deamons. The deamons in the woods of Ganzia seem to be unable to leave the area leading to minor speculation as to if more notable daemons could be imprisioned there, current advice to planetary government is simply to not interact with the forests

**report on inquisitorial activities of Ganzia-II**




**checking clearance………….**

**clearance verified, welcome inquisitor**

“Inquisitor Serpintine investigating slowness of industrial development on Ganzia-II sector 7 district 3. The area consists of a heavily forested area that locals claim is cursed, as such I have elected to investigate on the chance of chaos corruption. I will update my log when we reach destination”

Log update: “have entered woods with retinue, densely packed but no evidence of any corruption yet leaves crunch as the group march Serpintine signing off”

Log update: whispering is audible in the background local avian fauna chirps in a manner similar to humans whispering, I believe our case is closed, returning back out. Serpintine signing off

Log update: the sounds of  heavy stubber fire is heard “local forest seems to be home to a group of minor daemons of tzench, at least seven” whispering is now near constant and almost drowning out the sound of stubber fire

Log update: “we’ve reached the border of the woods, something seems to be blocking the demons from moving further. Serpine out.

Post-mission report:  due to the small size of the incursion and the limits imposed upon the movement of the demons I have elected that it is not worth inquisition time to clear the creatures, my recommendation would be to leave the area of sector 7 district 3 a forest and simply halt movement into the forest. Loyal servant of the inquisition and yours sincerely- inquisitor serpentine

**close log?**



**log closed, goodbye inquisitor**


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