OM-012 – A Failed Ascension

Subject: OM-012 – A Failed Ascension

Threat Level: Extremis


OM-012 refers to a small Warp-Rift  in the Hirius sector of Segmentum Pacificus, caused by the heretical insurrection on C-453. it occupies most of the former Callisia system, with only a lifeless dwarf planet on it’s edge. It is suspected that the dwarf planet contains Necron Artifacts, similar to the Necron Pylons on Cadia, due to the Rift failing to pierce past it. The Rift itself was suspected to fade by M42, but the Great Rift has bolstered it and as of now we can expect it to last far longer then we suspected.

While stronger in the outcome of the Great Rift, the pattern remains much the same: the Rift will slowly coalesce, forming a horned, humanoid figure, and then quickly explode outward once again. During this time the decayed ruin of C-453 is visible once again, with rapid changes to it’s outward appearance; occasionally fires can be seen in orbit, while in other intervals it could be reduced to charred rubble, or what should be a functional imperial city. Investigations are pending, but unlikely to be approved due to the hazards involved.

What is more concerning however is the appearance of Heretic Astartes fleets, belonging to the “Undying Legion” warband. It is believed that they were summoned to assist the Chaos insurrection and consequently have been caught in the Warp Rift. Imperial Navy assests have been given patrol routes to deal with the incursions, but a permanent solution to the problem has not yet been found. Until then, the Warp Rift will continue to send out wave upon wave of Heretic Astartes and demonic fleets.

Theories as the cause of the rift is not known; Some believe it to be a coalescing Daemon Prince, attempting to draw more souls to fuel it’s ascension into a proper god. Other inquisitors (such as myself) Take the view that it is not intentionally doing so; we theorize that whatever process the heretic had intended to use where either interfered with by his own tools, a rival, or even the Necron Pylons.

My collogues in the Ordo Malleus are attempting to arrange an intervention by the Grey Knights, as they believe killing it will close the rift. This has been met with controversy by other members, claiming that it’s death will simply allow it to fully manifest. This is further complicated due to few agreements in how to terminate the monstrosity. Until further information arises, the situation will remain as it stands.

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