OM-011 – The Tome of Lies

Subject: OM-011 – The Tome of Lies

Threat Level: Minoris

Description: OM-011 is a leather-bound book held by Inquisitorial forces. The book appears unremarkable, measuring eighteen inches tall and twelve inches wide, with an indeterminate number of pages. Four attempts have been made to ascertain the total number of pages bound within the book, but the Chaotic nature of the tome makes this an unreliable if not impossible task.

The contents of the tome are fluid in nature, changing depending on the person reading. Initial tests determined that the book will present two pages of information upon being opened, one page will contain false information while the other will present the reader with true information, with no indication to aid in their identification. The text within the tome varies in size and writing style, leading to each set of pages containing varying volumes of information. OM-011 does not seem to respond to questions either written or spoken, but results suggest that the information provided is tailored towards the reader. Further tests should confirm or disprove this theory, should the conclave approve them.

The book does appear to follow certain rules; the information provided is mirrored (I.E. Your mother is dead/Your mother is alive), the size of the text reflects how important the information is to the reader, and each reader only has one set of information. Attempts to circumvent these rules have all failed. Attempting to turn the pages always leads to the same information being presented to the reader, and any alteration to the information by the reader is immediately reversed. No attempts have yet been made to have a reader return to read the Tome after significant time, but it is the next recommended course of action. Other patterns have emerged during testing which suggest further, undiscovered, rules but unless investigations continue this cannot be confirmed.

Due to OM-011’s non-destructive nature it is deemed Threat Level Minoris. However considering the sensitive information it can and has revealed on Imperial matters all investigations into the Tome have been halted by Inquisitorial Decree, and the item sealed within Vault Pandora under direct Ordo Malleus supervision.

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