OM-010 – Interrogation of Rating Sylphias Brekkan

Subject: OM-010 – Irathium Survivor Sylphias Brekkan

Threat Level: Minima

Description: Sylphias Brekkan was formerly a naval rating aboard the Irathium prior to that vessel’s destruction. He is of twenty seven years (Terran standard) of age, and had no major commendations or disciplinary infractions on his records prior. It is believed that he bribed the cargo hauler pilot ++++ (since eliminated) to convey himself to the surface and was later traced to the minor industrial settlement ++++++++, in Avus 4’s southern hemisphere.  Brekkan was secured from temporary quarters seven hours and sixteen minutes prior to this recording. All possessions confiscated. No witnesses.

The following transcript contains the most significant information obtained from the subject.

Transcript: Interrogation of Sylphias Brekkan

Interviewer: Interrogator Jaya Henoris.

Interviewee: Sylphias Brekkan – Former naval rating aboard the Irathium

Foreword:  Brekkan was transferred to a temporary interrogation chamber. Inquisitor designate “Traveller” and tech-acolyte Khel-7 present out of subject’s field of view. It should be noted that Brekkan was highly agitated at the time of recording.

Begin Log-

Interrogator: Sylphias Brekkan, former rating aboard the Irathium. You are guilty of deserting your post. I assume you aware of the penalties for this?

Brekkan: Do you think I haven’t heard? The Irathium’s dead! Destroyed! If I’d stayed… If I’d stayed… You know that! You have to know that!

Interrogator: If you were not aware of the vessel’s impending destruction prior to your  departure, then your actions can hardly be the better part of valour. Thus the standard penalties for desertion apply.

Brekkan: What? What do you mean the better part of- You don’t understand! I had to get off, I had to. It was coming…

Interrogator: Then I should add conspiracy against the Emperor, sabotage, sedition, the murder of thousands of His souls and the destruction of one of his grand instruments of war to the charges against you?

Brekkan: No! I didn’t have anything to do with that! It was Hrentin! His damned book!

Interrogator: Hrentin, as in Hrentin Savok. You were assigned quarters with him. Did he depart the vessel as well? Did he persuade you to depart?

Brekkan: Hrentin… Hrentin’s dead… that’s why… he…

Interrogator: You mentioned a book?

Brekkan: Yes, a just a small notebook. Handmade I think, sheaths of cheap pulp strung together. An ash-stylo for writing. A diary almost, only he only ever write in it at early-shift. Right after he’d woken up. Usually when he was still in the bed. Then… then he started having trouble sleeping. I’d wake up at the start of our shift, and he’d be gone. I’d find him in our mess hall, haggard, scribbling frantically in  that damned thing.

Commentary- Brekkan pauses here. His eyes are dilated. He is perspiring heavily. Excitation has reduced once inquiry replaces accusation, but agitation is still severe.

Interrogator: You stated Savok’s demise as a certainty? Was this prior to your departure?

Brekkan: It was only a couple of days before. I woke up, and I heard screaming. His screaming, clawing into my ears. I fell out of my bunk, nearly slipped on the notebook splayed put on the floor. By the time I found the lumen-switch, the screaming had stopped. He was just… just lying there. Only, it wasn’t really lying. More, twisted. There was blood. On the pillow, the sheets… His mouth, his ears, his eyes. The eyes were still open, wide, red. So was his mouth, he’d died mid-scream. I was just going to report it I swear, only… I picked up the papers. I glanced at the drawing, and it was the Irathium. The skill… it was… I hadn’t seen anything like it. Only, only the Irathium. It was drawn in the midst of tearing itself apart.]

Interrogator: You abandoned your post on the basis of a sketch? A sketch made by a colleague in ill health?

Brekkan: There was more! More drawings, notes and the dates! Every entry, every entry was dated, only the sates couldn’t be right! They just couldn’t be!

Interrogator: Why not?

Commentary- Brekkan’s agitation has increased again, with Khel-7 indicating hyperventilation or panic attack as a high probability result of ongoing questioning.

Brekkan: They were drawings of things that hadn’t happened yet! A caricature of Foris tripping over and landing face first in a bowl of soup, two days before it happened! A note to avoid the sub-passageways through bulkead 9B a week before someone got mauled to death by a creature from the black holds there! Another one to get medication the day before I came down with grox flu! Then, then there were the creatures. Animals of some kind, only unlike any kind of animal I’ve seen on Avus or in holovids of anywhere else, and the more I looked at them, them more I thought they were looking at me and their talons were reaching out and -UNITELLIGIBLE. Addendum: The subject broke out into sobbing at this point.

Interrogator: Sylphias Brekken. What happened to the book?

End Log

Closing Statement: Henoris was able to confirm that Brekken had taken the book with him when he fled the Irathium. Unfortunately, he stated that he had still possessed it when we detained him. No such item was retrieved at the time of his apprehension. A considerable risk was taken in dispatching operatives to conduct a secondary sweep of the room as the result of this testimony, to no effect. Neither I and the Interrogator’s instincts, nor Khel-7’s psychological analyses indicated any falsehood on the part of Brekken. His head is nevertheless being preserved so that Khel-7 can confirm the testimony with necro-cortical retrieval. Brekken has been terminated. It is my personal belief that the manuscript, if it exists may represent represents- alpha: a potential vector of daemonic influence, beta: an article of heresy under Imperial regulations and gamma: a potential source of viable and pertinent information to our ongoing issue. Formation of a cell under directives to retrieve if possible, and conform destruction if not, will occur pending authorisation.

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