OM-009 – The Curse of Salvation

Subject: OM-009 – The Curse of Salvation

Threat Level: Majoris

Description: The Curse of Salvation is an ancient space hulk first encountered in the opening years of M33. It is confirmed to exclusively harbour the forces of Chaos, made up primarily of daemonic entities.

It earned its designation after the destruction of the planet Bovophus; besieged by a Waaagh and suffering from a sudden uprising of heretical insurrectionists, the loyalist forces received a communication announcing an incoming Imperial task force to reinforce them. When the local astropaths felt an imminent Warp transition nearby, the military leaders ordered the remaining SDF gunships to stand down and disperse in order to provide optimum channels for the drop-ships of the Imperial fleet.

Instead of reinforcements, the Curse of Salvation transitioned into real-space. It proceeded to spew forth legions of Warp entities and their twisted mortal puppets and, by the time the Navy arrived, Bovophus was completely overrun and the space hulk was leaving the system.

Bovophus was proclaimed irredeemable by Inquisitorial oversight and Exterminatus was approved. The Curse slipped back into the Warp before further investigation could be carried out.

More recently, the Curse was discovered drifting through the Eastern Fringe, and a task force made up of Adeptus Mechanicus and Inquisitorial troops was dispatched to investigate. Several weeks after being boarded, the space hulk suddenly engaged Warp transit and entered the Immaterium with many souls still onboard.

Though these assets were deemed lost, the Curse reappeared one standard Terran year later in the Ultima Segmentum and an emergency beacon was activated. Upon investigation, a drifting derelict shuttle was found orbiting the hulk, within which were a handful of malnourished survivors.

Once these remnants had been captured, interrogated, and vetted for any demonic interference (in the process of which all but two expired), attention was once again turned to the space hulk. Unfortunately, the Curse fell back into the Warp before further exploration could be organized.

The attached transcript contains the closing statements from the interrogation of the sole surviving Inquisitorial asset from the expedition.

Transcript: Interrogation of Asset 32-62b, on the subject of survival aboard the space hulk Curse of Salvation

Interviewers: Nyimbo Oyinlola, Lord Inquisitor, Ordo Malleus

Cyrille Devereaux, Inquisitor, Ordo Xenos

Tsolag Sevhonkian, Inquisitor, Ordo Hereticus

Interviewee: Hieronymus Gault, High Interrogator, Ordo Malleus

Begin Log

Interviewer [CD]: And there was no trace of any living Xenos on the hulk?

Interviewee: None. During the first days of exploration we discovered several mummified remains after driving back the weakened demonic forces; Orkoid, a few Tyranid bioforms. They were logged and removed for further examination before we were taken into the Warp.

Interviewer [TS]: Yes. On that note, according to the reports, it was you who ordered the transfer of several Gellar Field devices and a significant amount of supplies aboard the Curse before the expedition began. Explain.

Interviewee: I had read the reports on the Curse before moving aboard. I estimated that there was a high likelihood of a sudden warp transition while the expedition was ongoing, and prepared accordingly. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and die without. Or worse.

Interviewer [NO]: During your time trapped aboard, you said that your encounters with warp entities was fairly minimal. Please elucidate that statement.

Interviewee: Once we entered the Warp, I quarantined our expedition to the areas where the Gellar Fields were active so as to prevent any risk of possession. Unfortunately, during our second year aboard, one of the devices failed and approximately eighty percent of our number were removed from the equation.

Interviewer [TS]: Second year?

Interviewee: Yes. However, considering that most of the deceased or corrupted were from the Inquisitorial camp, and most of the Mechanicus outfit required much less in the way of physical sustenance, we were coincidentally able to stretch our supplies to last a minimum of seven years.

[A brief silence. Someone clears their throat.]

Interviewer [NO]: By your estimation, how long were you trapped aboard the hulk?

Interviewee: When I last made inquiries, the Mechanicus contingent calculated that we had been stranded for around eight years. Give or take six to twelve months.

[A longer silence.]

Interviewee: I’m beginning to believe that we were gone for either much less or far more time than we thought.

Interviewer [NO]: The Curse was rediscovered one standard year after your expedition was lost, Interrogator.

Interviewee: Ah.

[Another period of silence.]

Interviewee: Well, it should take me much less time to catch up with current events than I feared.

End Log

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