OM-008 – Messenger

Subject: OM-008 – Messenger

Threat Level: Extremis

Description: Arnum is the largest city of the dreary world of Cambria. The city is split into three sectors. The largest, Sector III, is industrial. The heat of its machinery offers a more temperate climate but pollution clings to the low areas making breathing rather hazardous. Sector II is filled with technological shops and research labs. Sector I is opulent and gaudy and wholly claimed by the administratum and ecclesiarchy.

Arnum would be a wholly unremarkable Imperial city if it were not inhabited by an entity that calls itself Messenger. This entity usually appears as a bald human male of average height and advanced age but in remarkable health. Messenger often travels with a carnival or acting troop where it can easily find an audience. These performances take place on the outskirts of Sector III where the tired populace is hungry for any sort of amusement. Hidden within Messenger’s entertaining oratory are dark suggestions for changes that, if left unchecked, would unravel Imperial society. The entity’s counsel tends to go unnoticed by the majority of his audience, but within some it finds a feverish reception. Hotbeds of unrest and revolt follow in Messenger’s wake. Each cell of discontent appears to strike at a different foundation of the Empire.

On several occasions, throne agents have believed themselves successful in killing this entity, only for its corpse to vanish and the entity to resume its activities in a few days. When confronted, Messenger fights bare-handed. The creature is quick and its touch carves through flesh like butter. Extreme caution should be taken in any confrontation with this entity.

If I may be so bold as to offer my own thoughts, I believe Messenger may be some greater type of Revelator, a creature known to be associated with the Menagerie cult. However, I cannot confirm my suspicion, and my research into this cult has not found any reference to a being calling itself Messenger.

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