OM-007 – The Vectum Isolation

Subject: OM-007 – The Vectum Isolation

Threat Level: Majoris

Description: The Vectum Isolation is a designated no-go area to the west of the Invictus sub-sector. Declared ‘perdita’ by the famed Fleet-Admiral Vectum, this unnavigable section of space is beset by warp storms thought to be centred around a rift in real-space. The isolation of this area has made it a bolthole for renegades, pirates and forces of the Archenemy over the millennia, similar to other areas of the galaxy where the warp intrudes upon reality. [c.f. The Eye of Terror, The Maelstrom, etc.]

This area has stood apart since Imperial records began. The few reports that have been delivered from its interior read like the fevered rantings of madmen, describing improbable worlds with equally unlikely inhabitants. Those reports received by the Inquisition mention the grim darkness of the night world Blaanche, and the rose-tinted skies of the planetoid designated RTB-01.

Invictus sub-sector government has petitioned the High Lords of Terra several times to establish a chapter of the Adeptus Astartes to stand sentinel over the Isolation and keep the horrors within at bay. Our records show that no reply has yet been received.

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