OM-006 – The Pale Mountain

Subject: OM-006 – The Pale Mountain

Threat Level: Minoris

Description: The Pale Mountain

The Pale Mountain has been sighted repeatedly throughout the recorded history of Eustas Minor. As the name suggests, it appears as a vast mountain, often on the horizon, glowing a pale, pinkish shade. The mountain has been sighted by observers near almost all major cities on the planet at various times, demonstrating an impermanence that is both spatial as well as temporal. The sightings have lasted from several months to just one hour at their shortest, though the distance to the mountain seems relatively static – it is always around three hundred miles from the city it is sighted from.

Several attempts have been made to climb, or explore the mountain on appearance, though unfortunately at no point has an Inquisitorial representative been close enough to respond in person. The expeditions have instead been led primarily by the local Arbites, although it is likely other, less official parties have also made their own attempts. To our knowledge, no person has yet returned from the mountain.

Paintings and pict images of the mountain from a distance suggest a formation that matches no known mountain range in the Imperium, and I personally do not believe the arrangement is capable of naturally occurring anywhere on the physical plane. The geometry of the rock formations imply a supernatural phenomenon.

Despite the aforementioned failures to explore the mountain, black marketers across Novis Morbo often handle and exchange artifacts which claim to be parts of the mountain, extracted by explorers. While the provenance of such items is dubious, I have observed a number of these items and many possess certain curious similarities. They are crystals, raw and unhewn, and resistant to any attempt to do so. They are indeed pink, and appear to glow from within via some unknown source. Most peculiarly, these artefacts themselves are rumoured to possess the same impermanence as the mountain. Collectors have numerous tales of crystals that vanish overnight, only to be found again by scavengers elsewhere on the planet. If these stories are to be believed, it may be impossible to estimate how many of these artifacts truly exist, however my review of the records suggests that the stories of their existence are becoming increasingly common. Whether these are new artifacts, or simply the same artifacts repeating themselves through time, is unknown.

The Mountain itself has not been sighted for over three centuries. A permanent inquisitorial office has been established in order to ensure that a full examination can be conducted when the next occurrence is sighted. Until then, I advise continued investigation of these artifacts which claim connection to the mountain.

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