OM-005 – Imaxicor

Subject: OM-005 – Imaxicor

Threat Level: Extremis

Description: Imaxicor is a daemonically possessed Banelord-class traitor titan. Imaxicor is identifiable by its distinctive horned-skull head and the meteor hammer it wields on its right arm. Earliest recorded sightings of Imaxicor date back to the Verdellion Campaign during the Horus Heresy. Imaxicor appears to have no loyalty to any one traitor Legio, having appeared in combat beside engines hailing from Legio Audax, Legio Krytos, and Legio Mortis, amongst others. 

It is unknown if Imaxicor possesses a mortal crew or if the engine is commanded solely by the daemonic powers of the Warp. Records of what Imaxicor was before its fall to the Archenemy are nonexistent, so it is impossible to trace the Banelord back to its origins.

Imaxcor has proven exceptionally resilient and hard to kill. Confiscated gun-cam footage displays the titan taking punishment substantial enough to destroy entire maniples. It should be noted, Imaxicor is not immune to injury. Rather, it seems to possess some kind of regenerative property to the point where armor plates blown clean off have simply grown back. In one instance, Warlord Titan +++++ +++++++++ of Legio +++++++++ recorded an engine kill only to have Imaxicor reappear on the battlefield two months later apparently none the worse for wear. This ability makes it significantly more dangerous than your standard Banelord. It is not unknown for Imaxicor to level entire bastions of Imperial defenders on its own, benefitting from its regenerative properties.

In 455.M41, Imaxicor appeared on the Knight world of Horschevald. It is unclear how it bypassed the orbital defenses of House ++++++++ but Imaxicor stormed King ++++++++++++++ fortress. Despite the desperate stand of the House’s Knights, Imaxicor razed Horschevald to ash. 

The following is an excerpt from an interview of Sir ++++++++, one of the few remaining survivors of House ++++++++, following the event.

Transcript: Interview of Sir ++++++++

Interviewer: Inquisitor ++++++++++++

Interviewee: Sir ++++++++ of House ++++++++

Forward: Sir ++++++++ was interviewed in the aftermath of the Razing of Horschevald by Inquisitor ++++++++++++ of the Ordo Malleus. This excerpt focuses explicitly on Imaxicor’s durability.

Begin Log

Interviewee: It just came through the main gate. I don’t know what else you want me to say. It walked through the gate like it was stepping through a curtain. Nothing stopped it.

Interviewer: By that point it had wiped out approximately 83% of House forces, correct?

Interviewee: Correct.

Interviewer: And shrugged off fire from macro-batteries typically used for orbital defense, correct?

Interviewee: Correct.

Interviewer: You witnessed that?

Interviewee: Yes.

Interviewer: Can you describe what you saw?

Interviewee: We turned the macro-lances against it in a last ditch attempt to keep it out of the castle. Weapons designed to bring down voidships in orbit fired point blank into the thing. It’s shields went down and it disappeared in a cloud of smoke that covered the whole valley. We thought we’d finished it.

Interviewer: What happened next?

Interviewee: About twenty minutes later, it came walking out of the smog without so much as a scratch on it. You know the rest.


End Log


Imaxicor was last seen at the Battle of ++++ Hive. It’s current whereabouts are not known.

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