OM-004 – Project Renewal

Subject: OM-004 – Project Renewal

Threat Level: Minoris

Description: Project Renewal is a standard pattern Skitarii Vanguard designated Zeta-2251. Little is known of Project Renewal’s origins prior to joining the Adeptus Mechanicus and submitting to a life of servitude before the Machine God but it is known that Project Renewal came to the attention of this Ordo through agents of the Ordo Machinum planted in the machine cult’s hierarchy of ++++ Hive. It has since been affiliated with the magi of that Hive as well as Legio Implacablis of the Collegia Titanica.

Project Renewal possesses an ability that results in the spontaneous repair of any damage machine within its area of effect. Machines repaired in this way will henceforth be referred to as instances of OM-004-01. The effects of Project Renewal are continuous until OM-004-01 is removed from the AOE or is fully repaired. Project Renewal does not appear to be limited by the type of damage OM-004-01 has suffered, with records showing it has even spontaneously produced missing parts in order to return instances of OM-004-01 to full form and function.

It is currently unknown where Project Renewal derives its ability from. What information we do have comes from Agent ++++++++++ of the Ordo Machinum efforts to feed this Ordo information gleaned from continued studies carried out by ++++ Hive’s magi. By all appearances, Project Renewal appears to be largely benign in nature, but as we all know, such appearances can be deceiving.

Following the Battle of ++++ Hive, Project Renewal came to the attention of the magi-juris of Mars. Agent ++++++++++ has continued to feed us information as allowed, but the heightened scrutiny placed upon ++++ Hive has made such endeavors difficult while maintaining anonymity. As of their last transmission, Project Renewal had disappeared in the wake of ++++ Hive’s recapture, prompting fear with the Hive’s magi that it has fallen into fell hands.

Project Renewal’s exact location is not known at this time.

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