OM-002 – 13 Manor Ave.

Subject: OM-002 – 13 Manor Avenue

Threat Level: Minoris

Description: 13 Manor Avenue is a nondescript Terran-pattern row habitation unit located in the ++++++++ underhive district of ++++++++ Hive on the world ++++++++++. The exterior of 13 Manor Avenue is constructed of standard plastek panels with a sloped roof built with artificer-pattern roofing tiles. The front face of the building boasts a single entry point and three windows, one adjacent to the door and two above on the second story. There is a second entry point on the rear face that opens into a modest backyard. There is also a basement level, the sole entry point located beneath the residence’s upper stairwell.

The interior of 13 Manor Avenue, at first glance, appears to be unextraordinary but initial investigation by Captain +++++++++++ of Fire Team +++++++++ revealed the habitation unit to be possessed of non-euclidean geometry. The current measured square footage of 13 Manor Avenue’s interior is significantly larger than exterior blueprints of the residence would suggest. It is unclear at this time if the full extent of the unit’s interior has been explored.

13 Manor Avenue also appears to impress time-based anomalies upon those within the residence. These anomalies appear consistent with those experienced by voidsmen traveling through the Warp for lengthy periods, with the passage of time outside the house seeming to pass at a much faster pace than within. Research is still ongoing as to the cause of this phenomenon.

13 Manor Avenue is currently not believed to be a threat to ++++++++++ or the greater Imperium. A research team, headed by Agent ++++++++++ currently maintains a permanent presence at the residence under the guise of 13 Manor Avenue’s inhabitants in order maintain observation of the building and surrounding neighborhood, lest the phenomenon worsen in severity or grow in its area of effect.

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