OH-025 – Lunos Syndicate

Subject: OH-025 – Lunos Syndicate

Threat Level: Majoris


OH-025 is an assorted collection of smugglers, pirates, gun runners, and other dishonest Imperial citizens who make a living shipping and selling xenotech on black markets across the Segmentum Ultima. Although it isn’t clear where they originated from, the Syndicate has managed to elude the Inquisition for decades because of its highly decentralized nature. No one person can be pointed to as the leader of this band of ne’er-do-wells, and if such a figure exists, he or she is well hidden and the topic is kept under wraps.

The biggest reason why OH-025 remains a threat to the Imperium at large is not because of their direct impact on Imperial society (even though the very handling of xenotech is corruptive by its very nature), but because they are willing to supply and arm anyone who wishes to make use of their unique services, so long as they have the credits. This disturbing lack of morals has led to a number of larger rebel groups and Chaos insurgents who have managed to have an outsized impact due to their newfound supply of heretical technology.

Its “home base,” as far as we know, is an asteroid commonly called “Halcyon” by the interrogated Syndicate members the Inquisition has managed to capture. Where this place is, we have yet to find out, because most Syndicate members commit suicide (though whether it is voluntary is unknown) by a micro-explosive implanted in their cranium.  Further investigation is necessary in order to stamp out this threat.

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