OH-023 – The Rag-Kings

Subject: OH-023 – The Rag-Kings

Threat Level: Minoris


OH-023, the Rag-Kings, are a small gathering of mysterious politicians upon the Hiveworld of Magintha, Yodon Sector, Segmentum Solar. The members of the Rag-Kings have so far managed to avoid an unmasking, and are as such not entirely known.

The faction has garnered quite some attention, as its members miraculously partake in the ruling council, as well as many assemblies and political gatherings, no matter how well guarded or unannounced, only to then demand a voice in the proceedings. Should their choices be ignored, it is often found that, an indeterminate amount of time after the gathering in question, minor and major calamities regarding the addressed topic occur.

The most exemplary case must be the 349th seating of the Majestic Council within Hive Rolhon, the capital of Magintha, when, approximately twenty minutes into the meeting, all attendants became acutely aware of the presence of several figures clad in clearly disheveled court-wear in the native style of Magintha.
One among them, simply known as “the Viscount” to the attendants, then deliberated on the importance of an economic-edict demanding  a considerable subsidisation of worker-habitation. The manner by which the figure made his name known is debated, some attendants have testified that the dignitary had introduced himself as such, while others insist that the title had simply “appeared correct” to them.
As this was the first instance of OH-023 being sighted, the rag-clad figures were detained by armed personnel and held in high-security cells. Sadly, a rather convenient power-outage allowed the dignitaries to escape and evade an investigation.
Their way of entry and exit is unknown, as each entry and exit was, at the time, guarded by armed personnel.
Three weeks and two days after the conclusion of the seating, a rather sizeable calamity in relation to fire hazards brought on by neglect  robbed approximately 3.2 Million workers in Hive Rolhon of their homes, and cost 1.2 Million civilians and fire-brigadiers their lives.

Similar stories have piled up over the last three years, sparking an investigation by the Adeptus Arbites, who turned up regrettably little, outside of speculation as to the identities of OH-023. My own lengthy investigations have, so far, turned up only contradictory information, leading me to believe that the results of the Adeptus Arbites investigation were intentionally manipulated to point toward members of the gentry whose goals run quite opposite of the line the Rag-Kings seem to be following, going so far as to indict the Planetary Governor, Godomir Shloham-Diekmar-Runstrom, himself, who had ordered the investigation in the first place.
Whether this manipulation occurred during the investigation, as such feeding the Arbitrators false information, or OH-023 can claim to have a member of that Adepta among its members and the information was misconstrued later on, I cannot say. I leave such a politically charged matter in your hands, Lords and Ladies.

Given that it is quite unknown whether we do indeed face rather well-connected philanthropists or something entirely different, I remain uncertain how dangerous OH-023 should be considered.
The fact of the matter is that the ruling bodies of Magintha are deathly afraid of the unknown spectres taking part in their rule, and that the working class has begun to heed OH-023 as both holy saviours as well as legendary leaders.
This has already inspired a noble by the name of Hiramir Diekmar-Runstrom (a distant cousin of the governor) to proclaim to his servants that he was a member of the Rag-Kings. Sadly, before a suitable team could arrive to get to the truth of such claims, the subject died in a fiery crash, when his private skimmer-craft suffered a critical technical malfunction.
To make things worse, the technician proven to be responsible for the malfunction has claimed to have worked for the Governor himself, while several groups, both criminal Syndicates and religious orders, have claimed proud responsibility.

The group’s uncanny prophetic abilities could also speak of the bargaining of terrorists, offering prophecies they intend to make good on themselves, et cetera. Alternatively, the group is indeed some form of warp-apparition, or keeps several powerful Diviner-Psykers.

Given the rather benevolent and localized behaviour of OH-023 I deem a categorization of Minoris sufficient, but should the political climate destabilize further, or my colleagues deem OH-023 a far graver threat, such amendments should be made immediately.

Ordo Assignment:
Given the unknown nature of OH-023 some may feel it misplaced under the care of the Ordo Hereticus. To those of the Ordo Malleus who would like to claim a more able hand in identifying OH-023, I can only offer to, once more, amend this document as more information becomes known.

His faithful servant,
Teofilius Hallander.

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  1. Archivist Cos

    Excellent investigation and documentation, Hallander. Given the potential pervasiveness of this organization, we would be greatly interested in whatever other information you are able to unearth. Don’t hesitate to request additional resources to aid in this if such are required.

    1. Acolyte Teofilius Hallander

      Given the scarcity of hard facts in this investigation the information I have received until now has at best been contradictory, causing another, entirely different investigation into some of my own, lower level informants.
      Aid in the investigation would be highly welcome, whatever form it may take.
      All theories, suspected related phenomena, personages or entities can only lead to the truth of the matter, I am sure.

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