OH-022 – Tomarnius of Bedelham

Subject: OH-022 – Tomarnius of Bedelham

Threat Level: Minoris


Tomarnius of Bedelham (also Werd Tomme, Longlocks or the Prince on the Heather) describes a figure of folkloristic significance to the residents of the aforementioned township, in the Kingdom of Derwick, on the world of Loralweld. Recent activity has suggested, however, that the man is very real, and as such should be investigated.

The locals describe OH-022 as a man with long, blonde locks, barely clothed and of athletic build. It seems he has some form of association with wild animals and nature in general, the most remarkable trait of OH-022 however is its uncanny ability to lead people, even without prior contact. Many local tales tell of OH-022’s propensity to lead young people into the wilds, to live with the animals, and, so the locals say, join “Werd Tomme” in his “Long Dance”.
What this actually means noone can say, and usually this should merely be seen as folklore, an explanation for runaway youngsters. My own informants, however, have urged me to take the story seriously.

The following is an abbreviated version of my informant’s report.

Investigation into Tomarnius of Bedelham on request of the Mayor of Bedelham

Mayor reports mounting number of disappearances.
Request for investigation received, joined local Sherriff and his men.
Oppressive atmosphere on arrival. Symbols of local Variant-Faith prevalent, unusual for the region.
General distrust toward outsiders. Sherriff attacked by the local butcher. The man was liquidated a day later. No information of interest.

Day one:
Encountered a local student. Some persuasion was required, but the young man was eventually quite forthcoming with folkstories, lullabies, as well as his own theories. He revealed that both he and his friends are working on a dissertation trying to debunk the fable as nothing more than superstition.
When questioned on his own belief, the student professed uncertainty as to the reality of “Wee Tomme” as he calls him.

Day two:
Interrogation of local priest. After application of considerable force and blackmail the man confirmed only his knowledge of the legend, but nothing more.
Subject was let go after two days in isolation.

Day eight:
Local student contact has been furthered, was perturbed to find that he and several of his close circle had seemingly disappeared over night.
The locals claim they “went dancing on the Heath”. Whatever is at play here, it seems deviant from the local, Ministorum approved, creed.

Day twelve:
The Sherriff is giving up on hope of finding the students. I cannot help but agree with him.

Found a letter on my doorstep this morning. The possibility that he is alive can’t be ignored.

The report ends here. The report reached my hands only by the work of a second informant, who attests that his colleague had been acting less and less like herself over the span of her last three days.
Her disappearance is dated to the fifteenth day of her stay.
The letter mentioned in the report is short and not of much use, depicting a floral motif my informant tells me was some form of cypher of the local student circle. Whatever it meant to my employee, we can only guess.

Reality of OH-022
Whatever the truth of the existence of the man himself may be, it is clear that his influence over the locals is very real.
It seems we have a full-fledged cult on our hands.

A larger investigation is currently underway. So He on Terra wills it, the truth will soon be found.

The Priest mentioned within the report has been found impaled by a spear. The information arrived during the writing of this report.
A connection to OH-022 could be inferred, but I dare not speak certainly.

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