OH-021 – Zaddeon Garvel

Subject: OH-021 – Zaddeon Garvel

Threat Level: Majoris


OH-21, known as Zaddeon Garvel, the Young Deacon and Father Garvel, is a radical religious leader currently believed to be on the world of Lakkoran, within the eponymous system, Ortos Sector, Segmentum Pacificus.

Garvel is an ordained priest of the Adeptus Ministorum, and, as such, more or less untouchable by most civil authorities.
Garvel first came to the attention of the authorities when he decried the practices of the, so he claims, “corrupt clergy”.
This culminated in a rather deftly organised revolt of the local working population, three months after his public accusations. At the end of this four week long witch hunt it is estimated that 619 Ministorum personnel of differing station were executed in differing ways, most commonly by public strangling. Cases of special note shall be mentioned in more detail later.

Ever since local political entities, among them five of the six High Houses of Lakkoran, have petitioned for an investigation. Sadly, the Young Deacon, as he is called, has a rather large following in the lower classes of the population, resulting in the foundation of a new cult, claiming descent from the Adeptus Ministorum, citing the Redemptionist Cults of Segmentum Obscurus as evidence for the legality of their desire.

Had the matter ended there this report would be mercifully short, sadly, however, the matter only gets more complicated, considering firstly that the surviving members of the Ministorum have thrown in their lot with Garvel, lending further legitimacy to his cause, and secondly that he has openly called for the dissolution of the current political system of Lakkoran.
I believe it to be self-evident that such a destabilisation of the local power dynamic could have cataclysmic consequences for the entire Sector.

The following shall be a short overview of OH-021’s published theses:
1. The Imperium as is currently known is rotten to its core.
2. Only the God-Emperor can save Mankind.
3. As such, it is desirable to further the interests of the faithful wherever possible, and by all means.
4. The worldly trappings of many priests of the Ecclesiarchy are distractions from the faith.
5. As such, all priests must adopt the way of the common man, or be cast out as false prophets and snakes.
6. Those that possess great wealth and do naught but indulge abandon their responsibilities to the faith.
7. As such, all men and women of great wealth must be made to invest their wealth for the betterment of the faith, or be cast out as traitors.
8. This is the God-Emperor’s will.
9. The Immortal God-Emperor smiles upon all that do His will.
10. As such all men and women, everywhere, are to hold their fellows accountable, and organize, as to strengthen the faith and cast out those that would betray their fellow man.

Notable Casualties
Arch-Deacon Isaiah Lort- Publicly burnt at the stake for “high treason and abandonment of the faithful”
Pontifice Benifice- Publicly strangled for debauchery and promiscuity
Pontifice Oltner- Publicly strangled for misappropriation of financial resources and nepotism
Pontifice Lorech- Publicly stoned, reasons unknown (indications of personal grudges?)
Pontifice Cornall- Publicly strangled for nepotism, debauchery, promiscuity and “abandonment of the faithful”
Preacher Miklocklane- Publicly stoned for taking advantage of corruption in the Ecclesiastical order

Garvel is not a native of Lakkoran, as such his control and companionship with the locals seems to speak to masterful oratory skills, especially considering that Lakkoran was previously considered exceptionally compliant.
This talent seems to have its root in special education, as Ecclesiastical records show a ten year gap in his career. Naturally, I shall update you as soon as any details on the matter can be uncovered.
My personal opinion on the case is that the situation should be closely watched for now, until the Ecclesiarchy itself has finally adopted an official stance on the matter. Maybe that is all it will take to lessen the Lakkoran’s thirst for blood.
As by His decree, the choice is yours, your Lordship.

Postscript – If one may be so bold, it would be a shame if a need for violence were felt. It seems that most of Garvel’s followers are true adherents to the faith.

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