OH-020 – Magos Explorator Vinciatus 7-Delta

Subject: OH-020 – Magos Explorator Vinciatus 7-Delta

Threat Level: Minoris


OH-020 is a heretek found aboard the Ark Mechanicus Caestus Metalicum after its return from the planet Silva Tenebris. OH-020 is described by the Adeptus Mechanicus as a Magos Explorator – One of the few privileged tech-priests who seek to bring back archaeotech and the fragments of STCs in the name of their Machine God. Although not initially considered a heretek by the Kill Team who first apprehended him, it became clear that he was a member of the Xenarite sect; A radical and secret group of Mechanicus adepts who focus on studying and using alien technology.

Unlike other tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus, OH-020 has replaced his lower body with a set of cybernetic augments, with which he uses to move swiftly across a variety of alien worlds. He also has an additional two appendages on his upper body, which maintain the prehensile functions of human hands. His face is almost entirely obscured by the red hood of his robe, but from beneath it, a trio of green augmetics shine brightly from the darkness. It is unknown what weapons he is capable of wielding, but other members of the Silva Tenebris expedition have described him using a quartet of power swords with relative ease. These were not found on his person when he was apprehended.

As noted in the file of OX-020, OH-020 was detained alongside OX-020 by Deathwatch Kill Team ++++++. They surrendered to the Astartes willingly and without conflict, and were reportedly compliant at all stages of their interrogation. Much of the interrogation process was spent discussing his relation with OX-020, as Throne Agents found it very difficult to believe that a Necron specimen would willingly work alongside a member of the Adeptus Mechanicus. However, OH-020 stated that OX-020 was a test subject of his, brought back from the expedition to further the Mechanicus’ general knowledge on the Necrontyr. This, however, conflicts with the statement given by OX-020, who stated the opposite – that OH-020 was a specimen used to further OX-000’s knowledge of the Mechanicus and humanity as a whole. Whatever the true story, both OH-020 and OX-020 are currently detained in Inquisitorial Facility ++++. Due to his wealth of knowledge when it comes to xenobiology and alien technology, OH-020 is allowed limited access to the Inquisitorial Laboratory in the Facility, where he is kept under watch at all times while working on project set before him by the Lord Inquisitor. During his limited free time between these work periods, he often visits the cell of OX-020 and engages in binaric conversation. However, because the Inquisition has yet to translate Lingua Technis, the subject of these conversations are as yet unknown.

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