OH-019 – Shrine of St. Arde of the Burning Sight

Subject:  OH-019 – Shrine of St. Arde of the Burning Sight

Threat level: Minoris

Planet: Anminiar II

Classification: Hive World

Hive: Yosh-Zandenski 2 (Yoshden 2)

Originally established as a place of worship for St Arde, a local saint blinded in a local crusade, St Arde was worship as the patron of clarity, insight, devotion and charity. The shrine is located on an island within the hive-sea of Zandenski, ministorum approved water-reclaimers have been build beside the shrine. Since 8 years ago, shrine charity work has also included distributing drinking water to devotees and underhivers. 


The shrine has been receiving increased traffic from pilgrims all over Yoshden 2. I suspect the shrine’s priests have turned from the Emperor’s light and have unearthed something off-world. The missionaries had trebled their effects to distribute their water, particularly to the underhivers, whereas before, water was offered only with a credit donation. Preliminary scans have detected clear-bodied organisms with distributed waters. Will classify organism separately when more information has been obtained. 

Presented is a selection of evidence collected concerning the Shrine of St Arde of the Burning Sight. The investigation is still ongoing, and therefore, this submission is by no means conclusive. 

Evidence 1: Letter of Charlen Eie

Material: Parchment

Description: Handwritten, signed by a Charlen Eie, registered missionary

  • covered with human blood and unknown psycho-active substance. 

Truncated content summary — reporting to Deacon Arnaud about a successful discussion with the Bishop of Shrine of St Arde of the Burning Sight, to set up a school within its halls, to provide education and service to the pilgrims that are arriving by boat to the shrine. —

<Begin Transcript>

Clean water! What a miracle by the Emperor’s Grace! And the island itself is surrounded by the foulest and polluted sea I’ve seen! The priests assured me that their water-reclaimers are maintained at the highest levels and, Father, you ought to visit this shrine! There is clean water everywhere! Fountains, drains, little streams through gardens! So much glory and beauty! It tastes sweet, delicious, and ever so clean. 

I did note that there were many strange creatures in the streams though the priests reassured me that it was a sign that the natural balance was being restored. Glory to St. Arde! 

By your leave, Father, I would like to stay here for a while longer to continue our important work. The community has assured me that they are more than happy to assist and have convened a general council soon to discuss the construction of the scholum. 

I hope to bring you more wonderful news in my next letter. 

Emperor’s Light

Charlen Eie

<End Transcript>

Evidence 2: Arbites Interrogation of ++++

Vox only. 

Interviewer: ++++++, incommunicado. 

Interviewee: ++++, underhiver of Yoshden 2, layer 38C. (subject terminated)

Begin log: 

Arbites 1: charging Suspect with the murder and robbery of one Rolf Bovenderg. Body found in Shaft 32-1-AB

<sobbing heard in the background> 

Suspect: I don’t have it!

A1: Rolf Bovenderg was a scribe of the Administorum with security clearance +++++. Missing encryption codes to.

S1: I don’t have it! I had to give it to him!

A1: Describe your contact. 

<shifting of chains and nervous chattering of teeth.>

A2: Talk scum! 

<sounds of physical violence. Screams of pain and more sobbing. >

S: Minister or priest or something! 

A1: Is it this man? 

<sound of a head slamming on a metal table>

S: I… don’t know. 

A2: Look. Closer.

S: I don’t know!

<more slamming>

A1: I ask again. Is it this man?

S: I don’t know! I don’t know! He had a hood up and I can’t see his face! All I know is that his glove had a golden eye with fire!

A1: Like this?

S: Yes yes! The burning eye!

A1: What else did he pay you. 

S: He gave me water…

A2: Bullshit. 

<more slamming and screams >

S: He did! He did! 

A1: So a priest of St Arde of the Burning Sight paid you credits and gave you water to murder a scribe. 

<mumbling mixed with sobbing. The table slams again, and more screaming.>

A2: Speak up. I can’t hear you scum.

S: He also gave me a boat-pass!

A2: Going on a vacation eh? Aboard the Flames of Devotion eh?

S: Please, please! Have mercy! I’ll cooperate! I’ll help! He told me that doing this will help with their work! He said in order to provide water to more and more people, they needed something brought in! But this man was stopping that and he is an evil man! He is a really evil man! I even spoke to the Bis-

End Log

Closing Statement: 

Suspect was terminated while attempting to escape. The case was closed shortly after. Interviewers were not found in precinct office nor habs. Attempts to contact interviewers were unsuccessful. I note that interviewers have not reported in for some time.

Evidence 3: Ship log of Valentine XIV

Ship: Valentine XIV

Date: +++++++++

Time: +++++++++

Coordinates: ++++++++

Weather: 2.1 Acid Rain, Hive downdraught 20 knots

Tide: Mid-scumtide

Notes: Bosun noted ship stalled with all lights off. Ship ID as Flames of Devotion. Crew noted top deck was crowded with people. Hailed FoD but no response. Crew then noted that people were abandoning ship. Initiated distress procedures, setting course to approach FoD. Bosun then noted that people were not abandoning ship but were being pushed overboard. Crew indicated priests on top deck watching process. Advised to wait and see. 

10 minutes later: FoD powered up and headed towards Isle of St Arde. Men overboard overexposed to scum-tide. Advised that no hope of rescue. Abandoned watch and resumed route. 

Evidence: 4: Dataslate seized from Valentine XIV

Material: Vid recording. 

Begin vid

<Vid opens to a large columned hall. Statues stand at intervals in the circular hall, clear water gushing from their upturned hands into a central pool. A beam of coloured light shines from the centre of the chamber onto the marble floor. A group of hooded priests stand near the light beam. Chimes and metallic tinkling can be heard over the sound of water. The camera shakes and jerks up and staggers towards the group of priests. Vid stops in close view of a priest’s sleeve, hands moving slowly across silver prayer beads. Vid refocuses in and out, finally settling on a finger of the priest. Finger has a golden ring with a stylized eye surrounded by flames.>

Speaker 1: Chantile. It is good to finally meet you. 

S. 2: Your Grace. I am honoured to be able to complete this work. 

S. 3: This… this is beautiful! 

S. 4: I always had faith in your skills Ms Lorel. 

S. 2: Thank you Father. I am forever grateful for the opportunity that you have given me. 

S. 3: And you say, this opens up?

<vid shifts upwards, showing the underside of a statuette. Statuette is lifted up, manipulated and the base opens. Vid focuses on the golden face of a woman, upside down, her right hand resting on the pommel of a sword, the left, holding an upturned vase with a hole in it.>

S. 2: Yes. I have made it so that there is piping from the internal tank to the vase, such that when the tank and the tray are filled with water, it flows up to the vase and, Here, it pours out of it like a fountain. Let me show you.

<Sounds of water. The base of statuette closes and is flipped>

S. 2: It fits here like so. 

<More sounds of water.>

S. 2: And then…

<there is a click> 

S. 2: It starts off slow, but overtime, it will be stronger. 

S. 1: Most wonderful Chantile. This is a most beautiful work you have given us!

S. 2: Thank you your Grace. 

S. 4: When can we start the production? 

S. 3: Our fabricators are ready to begin once we received the prints from Chantile. 

S. 2: I have them right here. 

S. 1: Perfect! And just in time for the festival!

S. 2: Festival your Grace? 

S. 1: Yes! We will be holding a celebration of St Arde at ++++++ on +++++++. Come come! 

S. 2: And this statuette will be distributed to all attendees? 

S. 3: Indeed! This will be a gift from the shrine to all the devotees of St Arde. Along with her sacred waters. 

S. 1: We must really thank you for your quick and fantastic work on this rendition of St Arde. Come come!

<vid shakes and shows a priest’s hand slip a metal rod out of the sleeves. A small red light on the rod turns green. vid turns to static and then cuts out>

End vid

Closing Statement: Dataslate was found within a pack scavenged off the Isle of St Arde. It was waterlogged and smashed, but my team was able to retrieve this vid and others within. Dataslate belonged to Chantile Ack Lorel, sculpture artist from Yoshden level 20 BE.

Investigations are ongoing.

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