OH-016 – The Chaldean Ledger

Subject: OH-016 – The Chaldean Ledger

Threat Level: Majoris


Seized during the raid on the palatial manse of the secessionist +++redacted+++, the Chaldean Ledger challenges the efficacy of the divinatory practices of the Cult Imperialis. Despite possessing no demonstrable affiliation to the powers which dwell within empyrean, its complexity and tendency toward seemingly accurate revelation give me pause.

The ledger itself is mundane in appearance and is in many ways indistinguishable from those found upon the desk of any imperial clerk. However, since beginning my assessment of the text I have seen no less than four cogitators succumb to paradoxical integer strings, whilst issuing reports of grand transgressions yet to come. The perpetrators of these uncommitted actions all appear to be devout and powerful individuals within the upper echelons of the Departmento Munitorum, the Divisio Auditae and Logos Strategos among others. Were these events to occur in the manner described, the consequences would be catastrophic both within the local volume and across the imperium at large.

I am not often driven to hyperbole, Lord – but I am conflicted. The revelations within this text cannot be ignored for the outcomes are unimaginable, however we cannot be certain of their providence for the means by which they seem to have been divined share no semblance to anything I am familiar with. I consider myself well versed in occult numeration, but the patterns move with a rigidity more akin to the thinking machines of the dark age of technology than those obtained by the diviners of the Emperor’s Tarot.

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