OH-015 – The Marooned

Subject: OH-015 – The Marooned

Threat Level: Minoris


OH-015 (henceforth referred to as the subject) is a male human. The subject physical appearance stands at 5ft 11 inches, weighing 126lbs [n.b. such weight is to be expected from an individual having spent excessive time in void craft], he appears to roughly be 60 years Terran standard. The subject appears, according to the persistent scans of Magos Biologis ++++++++++, to be of expected health for a voidsman of his age, exhibiting no signs of cancers, mutations, or detrimental aging effects. To all extents and purposes the subject is an average, healthy male.

The subject was brought to the Ordos attention in ++++++M40 by the captain of the merchant vessel Clavier. His communique informed that his ship had found the subject drifting in an Imperial Navy escape module. Upon docking at their destination, the subject was apprehended by Interrogator +++++ who was fortuitously present on unconnected business. [N.b. Clavier crew and captain have since been apprehended, and are awaiting ++++++++]

Subsequent interrogation of the subject has so far claimed a number of notable statements.

So far the subject has claimed:

  • He has no known knowledge of the God Emperor, the Holy Ordos, or the Ecclesiarchy.
  • He has no knowledge of the heretical or daemonic activity.
  • His name is +++++++. [This name cannot be found on known imperial or inquisitorial records.]
  • His home planet is +++++++++ [This planet is recorded destroyed in Early M31]
  • His employment is an officer in the Imperial Navy, serving on the Jackdaw a small Cobra class destroyer.
  • He was ‘marooned’ by his fellow crew, following his objection to a series of orders to redirect the ship to Terra, as part of something he only referred to as the ‘The Great Betrayal’.

Subject is to remain in Ordo Hereticus custody, psychic interrogation referral has been requested.

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