OH-014 – The Bringers of the Red Snow

Subject: OH-014 – The Bringers of the Red Snow

Threat level: Nullus


The Bringers of the Red Snow started life as the Guild for the Preservation of Miners on Khione’s Landing – the third planet of the Dulcarnon System. The Guild was a broadly legitimate organisation, advocating for better working conditions and higher pay for the miners working beneath Hive Kheimon. This attitude was, naturally, poorly received by the Adeptus Mechanicus overseers who cracked down on the Guild mercilessly and forced them into hiding.

This “secret” phase of the Guild may mark the start of its evolution into the Bringers of the Red Snow – although there were almost certainly extremist elements present in the Guild prior to this – as they were forced into more and more creative methods of action. One notable skirmish involved an out-and-out firefight between Guild activists and Skitarii security elements, as the guild were attempting the theft of a rebreather shipment destined for off-world. After this event, Guild activity was quiet for a time, although the following extracts transcribed from the vox log of one of the Guild members offers one account of the devolution of the Guild into the Bringers.

EXTRACT 1: <a female voice, occasional footsteps can be heard in the background>

Feth. We lost good people today. It was supposed to be an easy job. Low security, well planned, good getaway plan, but someone must’ve squawked to the toasters. Caught us in a brutal crossfire, just as Bret had a handle on the goods. Cut him near in half. Poor bastard. We just want to help.

EXTRACT 2: <the same female voice as previously, laughter comes in snatches as she speaks>

Boss’s said we can’t leave the hideout for a while, not while the toasters are still on high alert. Doesn’t want anyone shot in the street, I guess, but there’s only so much planning and hoping you can do in a ruined hab block. I’m going to lose it in here.

EXTRACT 3: <the same female voice as previously, but as if she’s speaking with a sore throat. No discernible background noise>

What ware we fighting for? Freedom, that’s what. Be the masters of our own destiny, control our own fates. So how can the boss thing we’d do well cooped up like this? Greer has been coming up with ever-more elaborate plans for when we can finally leave, he’s got it all mapped out in one of the annexes. I can’t look at it for too long, the lines and pictures and flowcharts just don’t make sense. Your eyes get drawn in and before you know it, it’s three hours later and you’re kneeling in front of the opposite wall trying to decode a combined assassination-and-public-arson plot.

EXTRACT 4: <the same female voice as previously, but cracked and raving. Sound of flames, and harsh laughter in the background>

I’ve seen it. Greer’s grand strategy is truly brilliant. I was too close-minded before but now I SEE. The level of CHAOS we will bring to our oppressors will be as none that has been witnessed before. They are fated to die as we are fated to be free. It has been seen, in the mirror, it has been designed. All is progressing as the Schematic requires.

The Guild re-emerged several months after the engagement at the dockyard, and shortly after the date of the last extract, calling themselves the Bringers of the Red Snow. They immediately began a campaign of indiscriminate violence – those they did not kill were executed in increasingly elaborate ways. This spate of violence culminated in the bombing of one of the massive ore trains which shuttle the collected ore from the mines beneath Hive Kheimon to the spaceport at Hoarfrost.

The Skitarii struck back with characteristic coldness. Supported by Ordo Hereticus elements present in-system, they poured through the mining tunnels, killing any who resisted, until they had burned the taint from the mines. This massive reduction in mining personnel resulted in indentured workers being imported from off-world – and a significant increase in the number of mining servitors. Thanks to this, the Guild and the Bringers have, largely, become items of local folklore.

Addendum 1:

The “mirror” referenced in the vox log may refer to Marzanna’s Needle (OH-011), although how an underground organisation accessed the moon of the planet remains unknown.

Addendum 2:

A new organisation has been founded by a local Reverend – The Guild for the Advocacy of Safe Yet Effective Mining Techniques, which appears to be a spiritual successor to the original Guild. Their activity so far has been limited to strongly worded letters and a few leafleting campaigns – an Ordo Hereticus asset is embedded within the organisation and has thus far reported nothing overly concerning.

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