OH-013 – The Sunrise Cult

Subject: OH-13 – The Sunrise Cult

Threat Level: Nullus Minimus


The Sunrise Cult, referred to by followers as the Sunrise Movement, was is a heretical devotional cult on the agri-world of Golan’s Bounty. Initially presenting as a benevolent sub-cult of the God-Emperor, the Sunrise Cult tied itself into pre-Imperial mythology associated with seasonal harvest ritual. Spring called for celebratory gatherings, high summer for feasts and a festival atmosphere, autumn for solemn industry, and winter celebrated austerity and aspirations for the return of the planting season.

Allowing itself several years to ingrain itself into local society, the Cult attracted attention to itself when off-world messages to older Golanians started going unanswered with greater frequency in the southern hemisphere, chiefly on the continent of Thracia. 

Investigation revealed that the cult’s rituals had become more debauched, sinister, and slowly overtly Heretical. Spring celebrations had slowly become bacchanalian, dedicated with growing boldness to the so-called “Pleasure God”; summer games into byzantine riddle-games and reality-fracturing puzzles in the name of Tzeentch; Autumnal harvest games devolved first into tests of might, then ritual combat for Khorne; and winter sacrifices, traditionally grains and preserved fruits symbolizing new bounty, became desperate offerings to stay the pestilence of Nurgle. 

A small cult, and one of limited armament thanks to being sited on an Agri-world, Interrogator Malcolm and a few other members of Corax’s retinue were able to root out and dispatch the cult and its influence, largely contained to the rural workers.

Fifteen Solar years since an Interrogator then in the employ of Inquisitor Corax claimed to have rooted out the cult in its entirety, evidence has reached the Ordos that it has arisen once more. Throne Agents are being dispatched to investigate if previous efforts simply failed to uncover the highest conspirators, or if offworld influence is present. At this time, the threat has been reclassified as Minoris due to suspicion that the Cult remains localized. 

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