OH-012 – The Wandering Missionary

Subject: OH-012 – The Wandering Missionary

Threat level: Majoris


The Wandering Missionary is an abomination most foul. You may feel that such a statement lacks objectivity and I shan’t blame you for it. I shall, however, decry you as a heretic should you not reach the same conclusion by the end of her dossier.

The Wandering Missionary is a devout follower of N+++++, the warp entity claiming plague, disease and stagnation as its primary domain. Her services to her patron entity have granted her longevity and other unholy boons so that she may continue her work unhindered. And what foul work she does. Before discussing her activities, we must know our enemy first.

Before succumbing to the unclean temptations of N+++++, the Wandering Missionary was called Brynna Vanlith. My investigation has been unable to unearth her exact planet of origin, but the first Imperial records that mention her by name indicate that she was a Sister of the Order Hospitaller. By the command of her Order, she travelled far and wide, performing the healing arts on wounded soldiers in a number of war zones, including ++++++ +++++, ++++++++++ and +++++++++. She was reported M.I.A. in the Athena Sector in M40.371. A funeral service was held in her honour in M40.372. This is where her official records end. Analysing the pattern of pandemic outbreaks within star systems and entire sub-sectors with the Athena Sector, my savants have managed to backtrack her activity approximately a decade after her supposed death.

I shall now explain her modus operandi. After resurfacing, she continued to present herself as a Sister Hospitaller, offering aid both physical and spiritual to those in need. She preys on those weak of will, body and faith, offering them salvation when none is forthcoming from His Holy Institutions. She holds sermons to the dregs of society, twisting the holy scriptures so that the masses worship not the God-Emperor, but the Grandfather, a common monicker for N+++++. Without noticing, they become N+++++’s subjects, spreading the entity’s lies, their belief weaking the veil between material and immaterial. Eventually, outbreaks of unnatural virulence take place, often resulting in significant disruptions across the infected world. However, before disruptions take absolute hold, she departs, leaving her cult behind to carry out the desires of their unholy patron. Any pursuing forces on ground have lost track of her in the ensuing disruptions. To date, the Wandering Missionary’s actions have prompted ++++ local cleansings, ++ planetary quarantines and + immaterial breaches with dire consequences involving the Ordo Malleus.

Powers: Cross-referencing all the available data, we have reasons to believe that the Wandering Misssionary bears the most unclean gifts of N+++++, although she hides them with dedication. Inquisitorial Agents who came into direct contact her did not see or experience anything visibly malign, although after reviewing the editic memory coils of the tech-priest in the retinue, my analyticae adepts noticed that she often coughs. One time, such a cough produced blood. This did not raise suspicion among the Agents, as the environment of the meeting is prone to cause severe, lasting respiratory complications, which are the premier reason of death on those levels of Hive B++++++++. Despite no significant outward signs of the Unclean One’s favour, she has survived a sniper’s round straight to the heart.

Associates: No known associates. The Wandering Misssionary starts anew at each of her target areas, selecting promising locals and grooming them to be her most loyal followers. This allows her to adapt her cult to local cultural and social structures, blending them in a way that best suits her objective. Her cultists are thus usually well embedded within local society, giving her a wider reach compared to using a regular, but off-world team. Recruited locals have common traits, but nothing specific enough to allow us to predict who they will be. There is, however, one exception. The Wandering Missionary always recruits a local witch and dedicates her soul to N+++++. She never chooses men, always women. Therefore, I advise my colleagues to be on the lookout for the Wandering Missionary if they receive news of a N+++++ associated witch in their operational area.

Last seen: The Wandering Missionary continues to elude me and my colleagues. Her last activity was reported on B++++++++ in M40.823, where she operated under her previously described guise. Her activities led to a mass revolt on the menial levels of the primary (and only) hive on B++++++++, resulting in the hive’s lockdown for a year. Despite two separate Inquisitorial retinues actively in pursuit, the Wandering Missionary managed to once again slip away and she is still at large.

I present to you below an interview with one of the acolytes on site during the Wandering Missionary’s last recorded activity.

Transcript: Testimony of Hartelf Gorman

Interviewer: Interrogator ++++++++

Interviewee: Hartelf Gorman, Adept, Acolyte of Inquisitor Marcellus Zelenskaya (deceased)

Foreword: The Interviewee is under investigation for multiple crimes against His Holy Ordos, including clandestine operation, abandoning position, abandoning superior, failure to report to superiors and armed activity against fellow Inquisition operatives.

Begin Log (Interrogation Room ß-476, 8:09 am, M40.833)

Interviewer: Adept. I trust you had ample time to consult the documents listing your crimes in exacting detail.

Interviewee: Well what a surprise, if it isn’t Interrogator ++++++++. I did not think you would be the one conducting this … investigation, what with us shooting at each other on B++++++++.

Interviewer: Unlike you, I do not let personal feelings affect my judgement. Now, I’ll ask again, have you consulted the documents?

Interviewee: Yes, yes I have.

Interviewer: … And?

Interviewee: What do you want me to say? That it’s all wrong? I’m not a fool, I know a sentence when I see one.

Interviewer: It is not a sentence. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother spending my time here with a dead man.

Interviewee: Hahh! So you are letting your feelings influence you!

Interviewer: Nonsense. Now, shall we begin?

Interviewee: Do I have a choice? No, don’t answer, it was rhethorical.

Interviewer: Excellent. According to your statement, Inquisitor Zelenskaya was in pursuit of Sister Hospitaller Brynna Vanlith, a.k.a. the Wandering Missionary in the Athena Sector. As part of the Inquisitor’s retinue, you were charged with collecting and analyzing informating pertaining to the heretic’s methods. By dint of your skills, the Inquisitor had a firm lead and closed in on the kill. However, your foe was prepared and her minions managed to kill Inquisitor Zelenskaya in the battle. You and a small number of the Inquisitor’s acolytes have survived the engagement and continued to pursue her. Without reporting to your superiors, without requesting assistance, your rag-tag band continued to hunt an elusive heretic who was capable of murdering an Inquisitor.

Interviewee: It does sound bad when you put it that way, but then and there, it didn’t feel like a choice. Murdering Marcellus, I mean, Inquisitor Zelenskaya wasn’t without a cost for her. She had lost her pet witch and many of her trusted henchmen. Not to mention, she suffered grievious wounds at the Inquisitor’s hands. Even as we grieved the loss of Inquisitor Zelenskaya, we couldn’t let his work go in vain. We were this close to catching that bitch.

Interviewer: And so, without consulting the Holy Ordos, you and your comrades used the Inquisitor’s rosette to obtain passage and resources to continue the hunt for the Wandering Missionary. Imitating an Inquisitor is a mortal sin. But you had to know that.

Interviewee: I did, Emperor save my soul. We took that risk knowing full well the consequences. However, we couldn’t let Inquisitor Zelenskaya’s death go unavenged. We had a duty to him that went beyond the grave.

Interviewer: And all that good it did you. The Wandering Missionary is still at large, having escaped both your team and mine, no thanks to your meddling.

Interviewee: Spare me the groxcrap! Your team wouldn’t have been on B++++++++ without our presence! By the Throne, you guys were duped by her, luring you in so we’d kill each. And that damn hag almost had her way!

Interviewer: We have reviewed our mission briefings and the data provided by the analyticae adepts. There were no signs that it was a bait. The Wandering Missionary exploited your grief and lack of caution when using Inquisitor Zelenskaya’s rosette. You have unwittingly provided the scent of a true prey through your incompetence.

Interviewee: Perhaps you should’ve trusted us when we told you about her true identity. She was still close and we could’ve taken her down.

Interviewer: Your team have opened indescriminate fire into civilians as well as on agents of the Holy Ordos. Standard procedure demands that you identify your target before committing to action. Another failure. You presented us with no other choice but to capture and interrogate you. You presented the Wandering Missionary with the window of opportunity to make her escape.

Interviewee: Yes, and while we are sitting here chatting about this again and again, she is getting away! We ought to be out there, pursuing her!

Interviewer: Other teams are investigating her possible escape routes and following up on promising leads. But this need not concern you in the future.

Interviewee: We accept our punishment, whatever it may be. I only beg that we be allowed to aid our assistance in apprehending the hag.

Interviewer: I shall submit your request for consideration.

End Log (Interrogation Room ß-476, 8:54 am, M40.833)

Closing Statement: The Adept does not show remorse at his actions. Recommend Sanction Mortis.

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