OH-011 – Marzanna’s Needle

Subject: OH-011 – Marzanna’s Needle

Threat Level: Minoris


Marzanna’s Needle refers to a cuboidal block of obsidian 12.76m high, 1.04m deep, and 1.03m wide, situated on the frigid moon of Khione’s Vault (Dulcarnon system, Atarax sector, Segementum Pacificus) and once used as the focal point of local cult activity. Being volcanic glass, the surface of the Needle is highly reflective, however the images reflected back to the observer are twisted beyond recognition. Multiple subjects exposed to the Needle variously reported seeing themselves as corpses, planetary governors, Astartes, and in one case gender swapped. Only one subject saw themselves as they were, with no uncanny alteration – that subject is being closely monitored.

A single swirling, sinuous carving is etched into the outer 100mm of each face of the Needle, leaving the centre of each face a knapped mirror which displays the odd reflective properties. All of the etchings on the Needle are precisely 14mm deep at all points. The carvings show no symmetry or pattern of repetition, and are subtley different from face to face. Despite the precise workings, the pillar shows all other signs of being crafted by hand.

As Khione’s Vault displays no natural volcanism, it stands to reason that the Needle was brought to its current location from offworld – by whom, and for what purpose are as-yet unanswered questions. The area immediately surrounding the Needle, extending to a distance of 3 kilometres, is designated an Inquisitorial Exclusion Zone with access limited to those with magenta-level clearance.

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