OH-010 – Libris Historia Imperium, vol. I

Subject: OH-010 – Libris Historia Imperium, vol. I

Threat Level: Majoris


Libris Historia Imperium, vol. I is an unsanctioned heretical volume. Inquisitor Corax of the Ordo Hereticus retrieved such a volume while rooting out and exterminating a heretical movement in hive Gaur on the hiveworld of Abraxes Sigma. 

Following examination from Inquisition savants, LHI is a volume which purports to be an “authentic and unblemished” history of the earliest days of the Imperium. The heretical author, obscured behind cowardly anonymity, spends the volume concocting a string of heretical revisions and an undermining of the Imperial Truth in an alarmingly reasonable tone. Indeed, lexigraphical analysis demonstrated that Imperial citizens of average intelligence and previously sound faith would become seduced by the text between 45 to 68% of exposures. 

The tome itself reveals nothing of its origins; it appears to have been mass-produced on printing looms whose manufactory sigils and imprints had been carefully removed or obfuscated. 

Inquisitor Corax suggests that the dissemination of such propaganda may be a tool of the +++++ ++++++ and recommends all available Hereticus Inquisitors lend resources to the discovery and destruction of this maleficent printing house.

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