OH-008 – Rogue Vessel

Subject: OH-008 – Rogue Vessel

Threat Level: Majoris

Description: Investigation and interrogation has confirmed only one truth: the battlecruiser Unyielding Tempest left Damex Reach without warning or authorization. The disparate threads of information have led to suppositions but no solid conclusion as to why it left and where it is going. 

Subsidiary to this one truth are a number of facts:

  • None of the original crew remain on board – The Unyielding Tempest had recently engaged a pirate squadron and suffered significant damage. While repairs were being made in orbit around Damex Reach, most of the crew was given leave to go planetside. The bodies of all those who remained on board were found ejected into space.
  • Repairs were nearing completion – Repair station overseers report that only minor system updates and cosmetic repairs were required. The Unyielding Tempest was due to leave the dock within a week.
  • Seventeen other ships were in system the day the Unyielding Tempest left – All ships were searched as part of the investigation, but revealed no sign of transporting an enemy force. However, they all experienced a simultaneous system restart at the very moment the Unyielding Tempest left dock. This pre-emptively stopped any effort to stop its departure.
  • A local cult falsely claimed credit – During the complete eradication of the heretics, documentation was found that clearly established the lie of their claim. They had been ordered to wait until the battlecruiser departed and then claim they had stolen it. None of the cultists knew who this entity was nor had any contact with them previously. Whoever this entity was appears to have left onboard the Unyielding Tempest.
  • No non-crewmembers were recorded entering the battlecruiser – The pict-recordings from inside the repair dock and those pointed toward the battlecruiser show only crewmembers and repair workers entering. All those known to be onboard were identified among the ejected bodies.

This theft must have been accomplished through the use of some unknown warp power or xenos technology. If the entity responsible can do this once, they may do it again.

Little else can be gained from further investigation here at Damex Reach. It is recommended that a sector-wide alert be made to increase ship security and to keep an active watch for this rogue vessel.


Interrogating the crew of the Unyielding Tempest yielded an interesting observation: there was a growing feeling among the crew that the battlecruiser was starting to make independent decisions. One of the mid-officers stated “it was like she was growing in intelligence”. The use of a female pronoun in reference to the ship was commonplace, as well as anthropomorphizing normal ship functions. The crew has been split up and reassigned to new ships where a watchful eye can be kept on them.

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