OH-007 – The Charon Group

Subject: OH-007 – The Charon Group

Threat Level: Majoris


Five years ago, operatives were engaged upon an operation targeting the Witch Cult ++++++++ within Hive Ghoris. Our primary area of concern was the cult’s substantial investment into the binding and creation of the ++++++ +++++. Upon engaging the cult’s hideout, it was discovered that they had already been targeted by a then unknown organisation. The corpses of the majority of the cult members were located and identified, but subject +++++++ and several of the cult’s more gifted members were noticably absent.

After prolonged investigation, were were able to locate and eliminate subject +++++++ and the remaining cult members while they were in captivity within a Project Charon facility. Data-logs retrieved from the facility indicated that this was only a minor branch of a wider organisation aimed at the surgical and genetic analysis of mutants with the aim of reproducing ‘desirable’ mutations and organic grafts at will. As required of me, I notified representatives of the Ordo Hereticus of the situation, before moving on to further Malleus operations.

Three months ago, my duties once again took me to the Hive City of Ghoris. Not only had the Charon Group not been eliminated, it appears to have further embedded itself in the hive infrastructure. After their interference cost me three of my operatives lives and once again disrupted my investigations, I engaged in preliminary intelligence gathering in order to better supply whichever of my peers among the Ordo Hereticus finds themselves dealing with it.

Financial and political affiliations with the Group have now insinuated themselves among both the Hive nobility and government faculties. There is strong evidence that workers with mutant-sourced genetic modifications and biological grafts are being supplied to numerous industries, including military ones. There is even evidence that elements of the nobility have taken to adopting the rare cosmetically appealing alterations devised by the Charon group. The most blatant of their transgressions, obvious divergences from the human form in exchange for additional combat capabilities, seems restricted to their own paramilitary forces – elements which my operatives for forced to face directly upon several occasions.

I cannot eliminate the possibility that the Charon Group has already began to establish connection outside of the hive.

At this point I would like to add that although this case clearly falls under the purview of the Ordo Hereticus, there is severe potential to undermine Ordo Malleus or Ordo Xenos efforts through the proliferation of ‘false positives’ mistaken for Chaos influence or Xenos related genetic alterations (assuming the Charon Group is not already attempting to make inroads in that field). They have also shown dangerous levels of political influence and militant capabilities within the hive, meaning that they pose a direct threat to Ordo members as well as indirect.

This does not fall under my jurisdiction. I have other matters to attend to. Given the situation, and the fact that the organisation was reported five years ago in its nascency when it could have been eliminated with greater ease, it would be greatly appreciated if members of the Ordo Hereticus could be dispatched to deal with this ongoing issue.

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  1. Achilles Leng

    The recommended course of action would seem to be infiltration and elimination, outright seizure of high value individuals would be unwise. A sufficient task force must be put together. Fortunately I know the very individuals suited for the task, though a sizeable military force would be needed should the matter be escalated.

    You have my thanks Traveller. I shall be sure that my peers are made aware of the Charon Group, I shall update you once I have gathered the sufficient resources for the operation.

    – Achilles Leng

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