OH-006 – The Winter Union

Subject: OH-006 – The Winter Union

Threat Level: Majoris

Description: The planet Augustine has long stood as a beacon of knowledge in the Segmentum Tempestus. With over 80,000 recognized universities and almost tenfold the libraries and museums, Augustine is a pilgrimage for many academics across the galaxy and over 10% of its population consists of off-world students. I have frequented the planet many times during my time serving the Ordos and as a result a great many curiosities on the planet have drawn my attention.

During a particularly bitter winter in the planet’s northern hemisphere, an estimated two million citizens died during the cold snap, with 85% of these deaths due to starvation. Though I was not present on Augustine at the time of this tragedy, my informants that attend the many universities there had discovered that the planet’s regular import of food and water had been diverted by the Planetary Governor Myriam Dainad XII to unknown locations throughout the sector. The ulterior motive of the governor calls for its own investigation, needless to say, she was responsible for the aptly named Winter of Agony. 

The food shortages led to obvious civil unrest, with localized riots across the planet. A further ten thousand lives were lost during these months of famine and though this loss of life is negligible in the eyes of the Ordos, the consequences of the Winter of Agony is what calls for concern. 

Numerous student unions had voiced their criticism of the Governor and her complete absence of leadership during the Winter of Agony. At first these criticisms started as essays and satirical rhetoric that circulated around the student population. Within weeks, there were union gatherings and assemblies that openly condemned Governor Dainad and her house. The turnouts for these gatherings numbered in the thousands and they were regularly dispersed by security forces. In response, the students would meet in secret only to be rooted out by the local Arbites and the ring-leaders of several unions have been publicly executed to deter further gatherings. 

I fear that the efforts of the Governor to silence dissidence have only added to the conflict. Following a report from my sources, I have discovered that these gatherings have tripled over the past year and I suspect a great many of these continue to go unnoticed. Recent reports show that students are not the only attendants of these meetings, and several pieces of student propaganda have generalized this movement as the Winter Union. 

Regardless of ominous naming conventions and estimated numbers of attendees, I will conduct a personal investigation into the Winter Union, identify the leaders and potential donors of the cause. Let the record show that there exists no conflict of interest, or personal bias in this matter, only the preservation of Imperial Law and the persecution of dissidents.

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  1. Achilles Leng

    I urge my peers and colleagues to scrutinise my entry and all those to come, without judgement I fear I shall never become a valuable asset to the Inquisition and Imperium.

  2. The old man

    an excellent account by all measures and excellent explanation of motives and the local definitions. I do hope the governor is dealt with sufficiently, this winter union is certainly worrying but a governor of such level of incompetence, indeed one hopes it to be incompetence rather than sabotage cannot be allowed another moment in power lest more of the emperor’s loyal servants die, the emperor after all abhors waste

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