OH-005 – The Heart of Kalam

Subject: OH-005 – The Heart of Kalam

Threat LevelNullus

Description: OH-005 is a withered human heart, embedded with circuitry and connection ports standard to servitor processing at Forge Zetta-Three, Kalam Prime. Kalam Prime has maintained steady but unexceptional production quotas since establishment in ++++.++ with no deviation from STC model prints on record. All servitors that fail to meet mental minimums and obedience thresholds due to biological complications are disposed of locally. All successful models are shipped off-world to Imperial Navy receivers, most notably to Battlefleet +++++++.

Therefore, it has yet to be determined how a Kalam model was discovered interfaced with a network node at Forge Gallus-Rho, a location several thousand miles from Zetta-Three with no direct line of transportation. Moreso, Gallus-Rho is a high-fidelity cogitator facility that solely employs Mechanicus adepts with no requirement for gunnery servitors.

When the rogue model was unwired and disassembled, examination yielded no anomalous material or construction. Internal logs record the model ready for transportation from Zetta-Three, a lapse of several hours, followed by a network receipt from Gallus-Rho. The elapsed time between locale reports does not allow for conventional transportation between these two facilities. Mechanicus authorities believed this to be a timekeeping glitch and further evidence of a misborn machine-spirit. 

Later questioning of staff at Zetta-Three yielded no further information relevant to the event. Scrutiny of transportation logs showed all full and accounted for, including the berth that was to be occupied by the rogue model. This oversight has resulted in several demotions for shipping adepts at Forge Zetta-Three.

The Heart of Kalam was delivered into Ordo keeping on ++++.++.

Efforts to intercept the servitor shipment to Battlefleet +++++++  are ongoing.

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