OH-004 – Veen Caunce

Subject: OH-004 – Veen Caunce

Threat Level: Majoris

Description: Veen Caunce first came to my attention when she defected from the PDF to recover members of the Minos Cult from Justapher VI ahead of the purge by +++++++++++++.  Since then, I have seen evidence of her increasing involvement in other heretical activities across the sub-sector.  Despite her PDF files suggesting little more than a competent NCO, it is clear that she is now operating at a level far above a simple ‘hired gun’.

Although known to be behind the assassination of Fleet Commissar Ren Fazaar on Daltreen, and the theft of the Sword Class Frigate Berek’s Revenge, it is more worrying that Caunce is implicated in the collapse of the governing dynasty on the hive world of Bosphfeld and the loss of faith amongst the ruling elite on the Cardinal world of St Syranon, which led to sustained rioting and the deaths of over 3 million subjects.  The ends to which she is working are currently unknown.  Those members of the Minos Cult who escaped Justapher VI with her were later found drowned in the Star of Forsa, a mass conveyor transporting water to the desert world of Braddock; Caunce’s role in this activity is also unknown.

Evidence gathered from enhanced interrogation of senior clergy figures on St Syranon suggests Caunce appeared to them claiming to be the resurrected St Syranon herself.  Although bearing no great physical resemblance to St Syrannon, over the course of several months, Caunce persuaded Cardinal [redacted] and his staff that she had been betrayed by the Imperium five thousand years ago and that rather than venerate her, they should actively seek to repay the hurt she had suffered by reneging on their faith and following her instead.  Before he died during interrogation, the Cardinal swore that he had repeatedly tried to communicate with the Inquisition regarding the resurrected St Syranon, but no evidence of his messages can be found.

I did gain one item of intelligence from the interrogation of Arch-Deacon [redacted].  Obscured within his consciousness was a disrupted memory of a night spent with the resurrected St Syranon – it would appear that Caunce is willing to use both overt and covert means to achieve her goals.  Within the memory is a few seconds of Caunce’s naked back, revealing a small tattoo on her left shoulder.  It would appear that the tattoo was originally of a three-headed snake, but has now been altered to represent the snake crushed in a fist.  The significance of this alteration is unknown, but another example of this image has been identified on the personal heraldry of Lars van’t Wout, the Governor of Gellix IV.  I have requested Ordo Hereticus forces be despatched to Gellix IV to investigate any link between van’t Wout and Caunce.  It is clear that Caunce represents a Majoris-level threat to the sector, and must be stopped.

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