OH-003 – Wolfpack

Subject: OH-003 – Wolfpack

Threat Level: Minoris

Pict of OH-003 members mid-firefight, salvaged from the ruins of the +++++ +++++ underhive

Description: OH-003 is the designation given to an organisation of individuals contained within the lowest levels of +++++ +++++, on the planet of +++++. Appearing primarily human, there exists evidence of several individuals within the group displaying a number of subtle mutations, such as distorted eyes, abnormal skin textures, and polymorphic digits.

Believed to have formed from deserters of the +++++ PDF, the Wolfpack is a primarily mercenary organisation that presents itself as a refuge for those fleeing Imperial judgement and persecution. Whilst evidently perfidious given the evidence collected, the majority of the citizens they interact with remain unaware of their heretical and deviant nature. As befitting their treacherous origins, the majority of the members of OH-003 are clad in the arms and armament of the local PDF, with any signs of faith and loyalty to their former masters carefully excised.

Though difficult to track, the Ordo was first made aware of OH-003’s existence after a series of reports from local arbite forces were flagged for further investigation, citing suspicion of sorcery. Careful study of defunct scanner systems and forgotten monitoring equipment in the depths of +++++ +++++ revealed a number of picts and recordings taken during the fierce battles that happen amidst the gangs who inhabit the region. Whilst the majority of this evidence is of so such poor quality as to be practically useless, one pict, labelled OH-003-01, clearly showed signs of a member of OH-004 making use of sorcery.

Though a clear and present threat, OH-003 has remained content where it is, and shows no signs of expansion or proliferation. Agents are en route however to guide and encourage local forces to track down all members of OH-004 and eliminate it for good. Should OH-003 remain operational, it’s threat level is predicted to rise to Majoris within a few months.

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  1. Achilles Leng

    I thank you Acolyte Hyde. This information will no doubt prove to be useful to our allies in the field.

    1. Acolyte Hyde

      Thine thanks shall be conveyed to the dutiful Arbites who brought this threat to the attention of the Holy Ordos.

  2. Inquisitor Guzim Corax

    Acolyte Hyde, your article is designated OH-003 but makes repeated references to being OH-004. Please advise if this is system corruption, system compromise, or clerical oversight.

    1. Archivist Cos

      Rook Corax – the Archivists have noted this and adjusted the Article accordingly. Thank you for your vigilance.

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