OH-002 – H8

Sample of blood recovered from the remains of +++++++ ++++++ of the +++ +++++++++++Subject: OH-002 – H8

Threat Level: Majoris

Description: H8 is the identifier attached to a blood-borne contagion first identified on ++++ +++++++. At the time, it was erroneously classified as an off-shoot of the Plague of Unbelief, which led to the infection of several Imperial contingents deployed in the area to contain the Plague, most notably elements of the +++ +++++++++++ of the +++++++ ++++++++ of the ++++ +++++++.

Exposure occurs chiefly through infected blood coming into contact with untainted blood (such as through blood splatter onto wounds). Once infected, the carrier will slowly begin to display increased levels of aggression, which is often misattributed to stress brought on by military service. Other times, the increased aggression leads to improved battlefield performance, and as it is written, “success needs no explanation”. In the majority of cases, the infected destroy themselves in combat. However, if denied such a way to express their growing violent urges, they will invariably turn on any one/anything else they can make bleed.

It is believed by Magos +++++++++ of the Ordo Biologis that this increased aggression is a way for the infection to spread itself. Blessed chirurgeons studying contained samples of the blood have verified that the blood remains toxic and fresh indefinitely, and the only reliably method to cleanse it is with fire or excessive heat. A study carried out by biomancers attached to the Ordo Malleus is pending.

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