New Missions Available

Your Patrons have called on you. Don’t leave them waiting. Head to your respective Ordo mission page to begin the task ahead.

Time is short

Mission entries are writing challenges which must be completed according to a theme or prompt (as told through the environment, characters, or conflict).

Space is limited

With only 1000 words, missions challenge Inquisitorial Agents with an economy of words. Only the most gripping records, devoid of errors, will be uploaded to the archives.

Ordo Hereticus – Halt the Manifesto

A secessionist author has blasphemed the Imperium’s authority, tradition, and dogma. His texts must be collected and destroyed before they taint the the population with radical ideals. Learn more.

Ordo Malleus – No Deserters

Knowledge of the Lord Inquisitor’s quarry has been contained, but a small group of deserters discovered the deadly truth about daemonic incursions. Learn more.

Ordo Xenos – A Bitter Meal

Word has reached the Lord Inquisitor of an underground market trafficking in Xenos contraband. To the ruling elite, the illicit biomatter is a precious delicacy, rich with sensational textures and flavours. Some can even grant special gifts – or cause horrible mutations. Learn more.

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