Inquisitor: Doctrina Malum


Take up your rod and staff, your armour and psycannon, and go forth. – Galbus Heer, Inquisitor Historical

An Evolving Narrative

Missions are ongoing, interconnected writing prompts which allow the community to build upon an evolving story. Agents submit responses to the prompts laid out for each Mission, and once the submissions period closes Agents will vote on their favourite entry. The entry with the highest rating will become “Canonized” by the respective Ordo Patron, and will serve as a basis for the next Mission. This process will lead to the creation of an overarching “seasonal” narrative, spanning several Missions.

Who Will Earn the Favour of the Ordos?

New Missions have arrived! Click on one of the links below to submit your response to the prompt. Once the submissions period has closed, the voting process will begin. The voting process goes as follows:

  • To vote, simply the submissions and complete the polls on this page.* The story with the highest rating will be given the favor of its Ordo.
    • In the case of a tie, the story with the higher number of reviews will win. If the results still tie, the authors must engage in mortal combat in the Athenaeum’s in-built dueling ring the Lord Inquisitor representing the appropriate Ordo will decide who receives their favor.

  • The winning story will become the subject of focus, deciding the direction of the narrative and becoming incorporated into the holo-vid prompt for the next Mission.
    • All other entries will still be available to read on the site.

Ordo Malleus Season I, Mission II - Take the Bait

A Winner is Chosen!

Daemons are creatures formed by the will of their patron Chaos Gods. Each has their own senses, thoughts, and personality — but all are drawn to human suffering like a moth to the flame.

In order to gain crucial intelligence, use the three ‘rescued’ individuals mentioned in Lord Inquisitor Vult’s communiqué and attempt a binding ritual. Should the daemon appear, try to ascertain its patron, name, or motivations.

Canonized Story

Inquisitor's Burden

By Valentina Kuznetsova

“I am an exorcist.” That much was easy to say, that was why, I think, my superiors in the Ordos had asked me to preside over the invocation…

Missions are changing!

In order to offer a more gratifying community experience, the archivists are currently reworking how missions will be formatted. We feel that missions currently function too similarly to our fast fiction contests, and we'd like to give missions more of their own identity.

Expect greater interactivity and accessibility when missions return to Inq: DM! In the meantime, we'll be finishing up the Ordo Malleus storyline, along with introducing new features for article writing and community interaction. Further details will be made available as we finalize them. Please contact if you have any questions.