Master Yourself

Lord Inquisitor,

I present to you my findings and translations regarding pamphlets believed to be attributed to Roderick Negalion. This encoded literature has been recovered on several worlds across the sector, written in several forms of Gothic as well as lesser known languages.

“My friends, brothers, and sisters, its is my sincerest hope that this message finds you healthy and in good spirits – indeed, blessed by the God emperor as he has blessed me.

Visions, have I had, visions bestowed upon me by our holy lord and oh what he has shown me. I have seen humanity, not as we are, but as we are meant to be. Not huddled animals, cowed, or insects in a hive, but as kings, lions of old terra. Every man and woman a kingdom unto himself – the strength of humanity exemplified and shining brightly within each and every one of us. How you might ask? How could the emperor possibly intend for every man to hold such strength!? What would I possibly do with such power? Where do I obtain it?

These answers have been shown to me my brothers and sisters. The emperor himself has charged me to bestow such knowledge and gifts – I give them freely and with joy.

Come find us – the Free Brotherhood of Humanity and see how our lord emperor has already made manifest your immortal transcendence.”

Deviations in the different texts exist of course due to the multiple languages in which this text has been published.

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