Season I - The Secessionist

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Mission I: No Deserters

Even the most hardened of souls can be broken by but a glimpse into the workings of the Warp. A group of voidsmen have turned deserter after discovering the truth behind Lord Vult's daemonic quarry.

Inquisitor August King's recounting of Darius Mynx's afflictions has set

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By Inq. August King

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Mission II: Take the Bait

Daemons are creatures formed by the will of their patron Chaos Gods. Each has their own senses, thoughts, and personality -- but all are drawn to human suffering like a moth to the flame.

In order to gain crucial intelligence, use the three 'rescued' individuals mentioned in Lord Inquisitor Vult's communiqué and attempt a binding ritual. Should the daemon appear, try to ascertain its patron, name, or motivations.

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