Inquisitor: Doctrina Malum


The Daemon has many forms. You must know them all. You must tell the Daemon from his disguise and root him out from the hidden places. – The First Book of Indoctrinations

What are the Indices?

The Indices are brief documents made by the Archivists, meant to act as an overview of the (relatively) better known factions and phenomena from across the galaxy. The average Imperial citizen never ends up leaving their planet, let alone learning the intricacies of Astartes biology or of the insidious influence of the Warp. While Inquisitorial agents are far from average, these innumerable stars always leave room for gaps in one’s knowledge.

Index: Imperium

Spanning the the entire galaxy, the whole of the Imperium is known only to the Emperor Himself. The Index: Imperium serves as a primer on the various subfactions and cultures across the Imperium, from the venerated Astartes to the lowliest abhumans.

Index: Chaos

Countless times on countless worlds the Ruinous Powers have turned mankind against itself. The forces of the Warp are multiplicitous, many of their forms unknowable. For more information on this many-faced foe, consult the Index: Chaos.

Index: Xenos

The cosmos teems with life, alien species that seek to subjugate, subsume, or simply consume mankind: ancient empires, usurpative upstarts, and system-spanning swarms -- to name but a few. Consult the Index: Xenos for an overview of these insidious aliens.

Adeptus Ministorum


There are some aberrations and phenomena that cannot be classified into one of the three prior categories, occurring within by multiple factions, or simply beholden to none. The Miscellaneous category of the Indices may shed more light on these anomalies.


And if I wish to dive deeper?

The scribe-adepts of the Lexicanum and the 40k Wiki have built formidable databases regarding all manner of topics. While their nigh-omnipotent knowledge raises many suspicions within the Inquisition, their expertise has proven invaluable. It is suggested that agents refer to these sources for their research.

The Doctrina was inspired by an ancient Terran organization known as the “SCP Foundation,” which served a similar role as the Inquisition, safeguarding humanity against a variety of threats. If their records are to be believed, the ancient Terrans contended with entities that could rival even the horrors of Old Night. Their vast archives can still be accessed today via the Noosphere, and display prime examples of the writing style that should be used in archive entries. The SCP Foundation’s Noospheric domain can be found here.