Interrogation of a Heretic

Transcript: Interrogation of a Heretic

Interviewer: Inquisitor Morphelius

Interviewee: Unnamed Heretic claiming to be a member of the Cult of the Fall

Foreword: Found a scavver wearing grey robes and a blue hood placing improvised explosives underneath The Basilicanum of St. Aenid the Transcendent, recognized his clothing as that of a heretical cult referred to as the Cult of the Fall, which has been noted to have a long history of placing explosives underneath important Imperial buildings in preparation for invasion by a Word Bearers fleet.

Begin Log

<Recording of interrogation begins with a view of the Heretic being chained to an inlet pipe in the underhive by Inquisitor Morphelius and his entourage of Deathwatch space marines. The Heretic resists against the chains but to malnourishment and possible mutations it cannot escape the chains>

Inquisitor Morphelius: Now that you are a little more peaceful…what is your name?

Heretic: We have no name for to the True Gods, only actions sway their thoughts.

Inquisitor Morphelius: Noted, and why were you placing explosives underneath The Basilicanum?

Heretic: It is the will of the Speaker of the True Gods, his words come from the gods themselves so we shall do as he says.

Inquisitor Morphelius: And who is this Speaker of yours?

Heretic: We do not know, only those of the purest faith has seen his face, but why would I tell you even if I know?

Inquisitor Morphelius: I have more than one way to get information out of you.

<Inquisitor Morphelius then spends a few minutes glaring at the heretic. The heretic writhes and whimpers as Inquisitor Morphelius uses psychic interrogation techniques to gain information about base locations and any information known about this Speaker of theirs. He then relaxes and looks to one member of his entourage, a space marine of the Imperial Fists legion who wields an Infernus Heavy Bolter>

Inquisitor Morphelius: We have everything we can get out of this one Brother Bolin, do what you do best.


<As the heretic sits chained to the pipe attempting to recover from its psychic interrogation, Brother Bolin ignites his Infernus heavy bolter and bathes the heretic in the holy fire of the Emperor. The air is soon filled with screams and the scent of burning flesh and cloth as the heretic attempts to pray in its death throes>

Brother Bolin: So, what’s our next job Inquisitor?

Inquisitor Morphelious: It sounds like we need to find this heretic’s “leader” and hope he has a copy of their “holy texts” to see if it was written by Roderick Negalian. We should get the rest of the group here and head to their “base” if you can call it that and see what we can find there.

Brother Bolin: So, it sounds like we are going to be clearing out a base of the Cult of the Fall as part of an investigation, sounds like a win/win to me.

Inquisitor Morphelius: Agreed, lets get everyone here and clear out those heretics, just don’t burn anything while we are there.

<Inquisitor Morphelius then looks to his arm at his wrist mounted data tablet and sends his location to the rest of his group. Within a half hour, three more space marines arrive ready for a fight. Brother Hemalius is an Iron Hand space marine wielding a Deathwatch frag cannon who tends to lob frag rounds with reckless abandon into crowds. Brother Tiberius is a Salamanders space marine wielding a Deathwatch shotgun who wears bandoleers of Wyrmsbreath shells. Brother Chiron is a Minotaur space marine wielding a power sword and storm shield who enjoys backing heretics into corners and watching them beg for their lives at the tip of his sword.>

Inquisitor Morphelius: I assume everyone is ready to kill some heretics. The mission is to head to a base of the Cult of the Fall and interrogate their leader and hope he has a full copy of a book that might have been written by Roderick Negalian. Any questions?

Brother Hemalius: Do you want to keep anything else intact besides their leader?

Inquisitor Morphelius: They will likely have a large number of explosives in their base, so watch your fire. Other than that, and keeping their leader alive, execute the heretics without mercy. Let’s get a move on.

<Inquisitor Morphelius and his entourage then head further into the underhive of Grand Rutahilde towards the heretic base.>

End Log 

Closing Statement: Further investigation is needed in order to find a full book of the texts believed to have been written by Roderick Negalian. The next expedition will start with heading to the location show on the Heretic’s map in order to find a full book as well as purging more heretics from this Cult of the Fall who have a bad habit of blowing up hospitals and defense platforms. A major mission will be needed to remove all presence of this cult from Grand Rutahilde and find all the proof we need for Negalian to be executed for his treason against the Imperium of Mankind.


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