Imperial Navy

Imperial Navy


The Imperial Navy is responsible for all the fleets of starships that maintain order across the Imperium, providing the Astra Militarum with space and air support, and transporting regiments of guardsmen and other agents of the Imperium across the galaxy.

A fleet of the Imperial Navy.


  • Terrible Price: To successfully navigate the warp, brave navigators must risk mind and soul by psychically reaching out into the immaterium. In order to rely orders and messages quickly across the vast Imperium, astropath psykers must also expose their minds to warpspace. Both navigators and astropaths are routinely burnt out by their burdens.
  • Thundering Cannons: Armed with massive macrocannon batteries, devastating torpedoes, and lance weaponry, the fighting ships of the Imperial Navy are devastating in space warfare.
  • Great and Small: The Imperial Navy has ships suited to all manner of tasks, from the mighty Battleships and Grand Cruisers down to Frigate and Destroyer-class escort ships.

Notable Events

  • The Imperial Army – 798.M30 – 005.M31
    • As Space Marine forces drew thin across the ever-expanding Imperium during the Great Crusade, the Emperor ordered the creation of the Imperial Army made up from ordinary humans.
  • Imperial Reformation – M31
    • After the Horus Heresy, the Imperial Army is reformed and separates into the Astra Militarum and the Imperial Navy.
  • The Waning – M38-M41
    • The armies of the Imperium are spread dangerously thin after multiple xenos incursions and chaos invasions and countless worlds are lost.
  • The Time of Ending – M41
    • As the boundries of the Imperium continues to fall, Imperial tithes are increased and the ranks of the Imperial Navy swell for the highest levels in hundreds of years.
  • The 13th Black Crusade – 995.999.M41
    • Abaddon’s forces fall upon the Fortress World of Cadia where millions of crewmen and officers die making their last stand. The Imperial Navy, with an assortment of Imperial allies, manage to hold back the endless chaos hordes until Abaddon sends his Blackstone Fortress crashing into Cadia, annihilating the planet.

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