Green Mist On a Red Planet

I’ve arrived to this lonely, small and reddish planet. The air smells like death, tainted with some corruption. There’s no signs of life for a long time in here… this place is abandoned.  For a couple of hours, I walked around, inspecting anything that could point me in the right direction. The Servo-skulls did a good job, and found some old steps, barely visible, and… not human. The more I follow the path, the more corrupted is the air… It is obvious at this point, that I would not face any simple humans here. I equipped my helm, although my powers are conditioned by it, there is no other way to continue without it. All my assumptions were right… This planet is now property of Nurgle.

The more I go into the putrid mist, the more it affects to the Servo-skulls. They are useless at this point, so I command them to return to the ship. I have less eyes right now, but I do not need them anymore. On my way on this desertic place, I start finding what looks like as an old Ork bunker, full of trash. There is no records about this place before, and there’s no signs of Ork life around here. Some steps later, I spot on the floor rests of a putrid liquid that seems to follow a route… this will bring me to my objective. I start my power shield and chainsword, and clear my mind to use my psychic powers against any enemy of the Emperor that corrupts this planet. I don’t care which enemy I will face, to be honest, all die the same way… and I survived them all.

Although, it is weird, I just found clear signs of Nurgle corruption, but not a single Daemon or corrupted humans here. I finished the path, and I just see a small putrid lake. On the floor, around it, there are rests of bones and equipment, putrid and useless. But, as I was expecting, I see a couple of Plaguebearers walking randomly near the lakeside. They saw me, but, I saw them first… It was not a problem to deal with these slow and pathetic Daemons. It is clear that here, the voidsmen I was chasing on stepped this planet, and some of them died. But not all of them, and this planet was abandoned long ago even from Nurgle. They must have faced some minor troubles with these few Daemons that stayed here near this corrupted lake, but is obvious they moved to another planet of the sector. I will return to my ship and burn this small and putrid planet into ashes. Next time… I’ll be faster than them.

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