Choosing Your Ordo

Keeps your friends close and enemies closer. Learn how to find Inquisitors with similar interests – even if their tactics vary wildly from your own.

Choosing your Ordo

The Inquisition, or Holy Orders of the Emperor’s Inquisition, is a clandestine organization that exists outside the hierarchy and limitations of of the Imperium of Man. It is the secret policing force against a galaxy of threats, including rebels, mutants, aliens, and daemons.

Inquisitor: Doctrina Malum tasks you with joining one of the three ‘Ordo Majoris’ Ordo Hereticus, Ordo Malleus, or Ordo Xenos – each one specializing in countering a particular breed of threat.

Prepare thyself

Ordo Hereticus

The Ordo Hereticus ensures that dogma, order, and purity are maintained. If you enjoy writing about secret missions, propaganda, and dystopian conflicts, this Ordo is where your zealotry will be sated.

Ordo Malleus

The Ordo Malleus battles shadows, entities, and creatures manifested from the darkest nightmares. If you enjoy writing about horrors of the mind and existential and undefinable threats from beyond the veils of reality, this Ordo is where your obsessions will be fulfilled.

Ordo Xenos

The Ordo Xenos is called upon to rebuff any alien threat to the Imperium. If you enjoy writing and experiencing the strange, weird, and revolting enemies of humankind, this Ordo is where your peculiarities will be gratified.

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