A Letter to Lady Kasilda

Dear Lady Kasilda,

My deepest apologies for abandoning you in such a rush. I hope I did not offend you, but I had to answer the Lord Governor’s summons.


Her Lordship bears such a weight of our world upon herself! We are so far removed from the radiance of Holy Terra that our pleas are often lost to the void, or fall upon deaf ears. It is only by her Lordship’s ingenuity that we have prospered as a people in this wasteland of the Imperium.


I recall we were discussing the Halit rebellion before my untimely exit. Halit was a sorry affair, and I wish things were different, but one’s self-preservation is the first law of existence. Lady Kasilda, I write to you in full confidence that this missive will not reach another.


It is no secret that the planet RWC-895 was a shrine world, yet its functions and significance have been conveniently deleted from the Imperium history. The region of Halit contains the most number of structures and artefacts of this ‘forgotten age’, with the most significant discovery being that of lost Karcos. Karcos is a sprawling temple complex pummeled into the side of a great mountain, and it was within the ruins of Karcos that we found the missing pieces of our collective history.


In an age much different then now, the holy Emperor had visited our world and blessed our forebears with his divine grace. In his honour, a golden throne was installed in Karcos, and the Lord Governor, his Lordship Karstain, was twice blessed by Primarch Lorgar Aurelian. One would think that such a significant event would be enshrined in holy doctrine, but my colleagues and I had to painstakingly piece this from the shattered records and defaced murals of lost Karcos. The fragments we recovered were proclamations of Primarch Lorgar Aurelian, long before his fall from grace! He taught that though we are far from the Emperor, we are never separated from his Light, as the Emperor’s divinity is within all of us. For a people left alone on the edges of the Imperium, this is a comfort to our weary souls.


Naturally, the Ecclesiarchy opposes this idea. They claim that they are the sole avenue to salvation, and everything that dare question their authority is heresy. Why they are nothing more than power intoxicated slugs seeking to strengthen their chokehold on us.


Once word got out of our discoveries at Karcos, like ravenous dogs, the Ecclesiarchy fell upon our workers and tried to bind everyone into a vow of secrecy. Understand milady that this is our heritage. We cannot suffer these pompous aristocrats from stars not of our own to casually erase our history! Sadly, we also discovered that the Arbites had been corrupted by these aliens. It is not without irony that the people exhorting us to abhor the alien, are verily the same evil influences that tried to silence us.


For a long time, we fought hard in their games, by their rules, on their terms. We obeyed their labyrinthian bureaucracies, suffered every legal challenge they threw in our way, endured every veiled insult and slander. If we have surrendered, we would not have rediscovered Halit and of lost Karcos. We would not have known that there was a time where our world played an essential part in the Imperium. How my heart aches to even think of such an immeasurable loss! My colleagues, Emperor bless their souls, found further within the vaults of Karcos, made our sacrifices then, and our sacrifices to come, even more worthy.


I am loathed to belabour you with the details, but we confirmed that our Lord Governor is a true descendent of the Karstains! In the very chamber of the golden throne, we learnt that Primach Lorgar Aurelian bestowed upon the Karstains absolute governance of our world. This discovery is deemed heretical by the Ecclesiarchy, and they sought to destroy all records. The explosion at Halit was not caused by insurgents, as reported by the media; it was the work of the Ecclesiarchy. Despite their best efforts, we managed to secure several copies before our off-world minders descended upon us with bullets and fire.


Her Lordship moved quickly to reclaim the site, and thus begins our current struggles with the Ministorum. I understand many people do not know why her Lordship would pronounce such a harsh mandate, but she will reveal our findings and restore our birthright in due time. While there may be battles wage at nearly every street corner, I ask that you trust in her Lordship. The shadows of one’s thoughts lengthen under the blackening stars, but I am confident we will restore our world’s brilliance after this struggle. 


In closing, I attach an excellent piece of literature titled “The Gilded Song”. It is dated to the age of Lord Karstain, and records indicate that this was a popular piece performed only in the highest society. I have translated it faithfully for your pleasure.


Postscriptum: Should you wish to understand more of our true lineage, I bid you welcome to Lady Fayette’s upcoming fete. We intend to hold a presentation along with the performance of the Gilded Song. Wear no mask Lady Kasilda, for none will be required by then.


Yours faithfully,

Roderik Negalion

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