What is Doctrina Malum?

Inquisitor: Doctrina Malum is an unofficial, immersive, collaborative-fiction game set in the universe of Warhammer 40,000. Visitors assume the role of an Inquisitorial Agent, documenting all manner of xenos artifacts, heretical threats, and Imperial secrets.

You can start by reading the works of your fellow Inquisitorial Agents in the Archives or write findings of your own. From there, you can enter writing challenges in Missions and engage in a shared narrative, dictating how events play out in the pages of the Doctrina Malum.



Ordo Hereticus

By Loxley Steele

Ordo Malleus

By Inq. August King

Ordo Xenos

By Harvus Crastor

Featured Agent

Acolyte Hyde

Remember – the blood of heroes keeps the gears of bureaucracy turning. So it is that the Imperium continues to run even as it rusts and rots. But it is our duty and our honour to keep the machinery going, just for one more day.

Acolyte Hyde


Ordo Scriptorum


Missions & Articles

Agents of the Throne must readily place quill to parchment, recounting the many things they have witnessed during their travels – ancient dangers and cosmic wonders alike:

Missions are creative writing contests that allow agents to collaborate and forge an evolving narrative. With each Mission prompt, agents will be able to submit their own stories and vote on a winner. The winner’s story will become the basis of the next Mission, gradually creating a community-driven storyline.

Articles are epistolary narratives, much like those of the ancient Terran organization known as the SCP Foundation. They make up the bulk of the Doctrina Malum’s archives. Unlike with Missions, agents are always able to submit Articles and are not required to follow any specific prompts.

Regardless of the path you choose, it is recommended that Inquisitorial agents familiarize themselves with the Submission Guidelines, and the Indices.


Choose an Ordo

Mankind is beset by foes on all sides. In order to purge these threats, the Inquisition formed three Holy Ordos:

The Ordo Hereticus protects mankind from itself, combatting threats such as treason, mutation, or heresy. Articles in this Ordo will be more political or blasphemous in nature.

The Ordo Malleus seek to destroy the physical manifestations of Chaos, daemons, and warp-born horrors. Articles in this Ordo will be more chilling or horrifying in nature.

The Ordo Xenos defend mankind from the surreptitious machinations of alien abominations born across the stars. Articles in this Ordo will be more weird or strange in nature.



Humanity stands alone, besieged on all sides by heretics, mutants and aliens. In a massive galaxy full of untold stories, all that is missing is you.

Interested in being a part of our retinue? Want to see the site grow? We are currently looking for volunteers:

  • Narrator (Article Audio Recordings)
  • Game/Rules Tie-In Lead (RPG or WH40K)
  • Content Artists (Articles)
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